Try out Qumulo File Fabric (QF2) for yourself

There are three ways to see what QF2 can do:

  • Go to our live, six-node QF2 cluster.
  • Download the OVA and set up a QF2 cluster on your machine.
  • Set up either a standalone QF2 node or a QF2 cluster on AWS.
See It at Scale

See It at Scale

Get immediate access to a live, 6-node QC104 cluster with over 3 billion files on it. See how QF2 handles different file types and workloads. Take a look at the product dashboard and see how QF2 gives instant visibility into hotspots, capacity usage and more.

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Run QF2 on AWS

You can create a standalone instance of QF2 on Amazon Web Services for free. You pay only for the underlying AWS infrastructure, including an m4.2xlarge instance. You'll see that QF2 has the highest performance of any cloud-based file system.

After adding the AMI to your Amazon Web Services account, work through the tutorial called "Installing a Single-node Cluster on AWS" or watch the accompanying video.

You can also set up a QF2 cluster on AWS. Contact us for more information.

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Run QF2 on VMware

You can download a VMware OVA file for free and create a QF2 virtual cluster on either a Windows machine or a Mac. You'll see how well QF2 operates in your own environment. Once you download the file, work through the tutorial called "Create a Qumulo File Fabric (QF2) Virtual Cluster" (either the Windows version or the Mac version) or watch the accompanying video.

Download the a virtual machine image (OVA) with Qumulo Core installed.

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