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What we do at Qumulo

Qumulo has built a scale-out distributed file system that lives in user space. Because our system is “software defined” with a modular and extendable codebase, we can run on commodity hardware as well as natively in the public cloud.

If you are interested in systems-level computer science problems, but want to work in a modern development environment, and ship code using TDD and continuous integration, you should talk to Qumulo!

Life at Qumulo: Collaboration and ownership

“I really like working at Qumulo because we value collaboration and shared ownership. Engineers really try to work together. We discourage the idea of lone wolfing here.”

What’s it like to be an engineering intern at Qumulo?

“One of the things that made it really exciting was getting to work on code that was production quality and not just an intern project that never saw the light of day.”

Check out some of our open engineering jobs!

As a member of the Qumulo engineering team, your work will be to take an innovative product to the next level and seeing that effort fuel customer innovation and grow the Qumulo business.

Software Engineer, Front End

Check out this job if you are passionate about creating a great user experience by working with UX Designers and directly with customers.

Software Engineer, Platform

Check out this job if you have interest in adapting Qumulo’s file storage to work with new architectures and writing software to control our commodity hardware components.

Software Engineer, Cloud Services

Check out this job if you have interest in building and operating customer-facing services that allow subscription, provisioning, monitoring/observability, scaling, billing, and more.

Check out the rest of our open jobs here

Life at Qumulo: Code labs, onboarding buddies, and demo days

“The most fun part of software engineering to me is building really quality products that people really love. “

What’s the onboarding experience like at Qumulo?

“I really enjoyed my onboarding process at Qumulo. It’s expected that everyone around you pitches in to make sure you’re learning and you’re growing.”

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Life at Qumulo: Data protection, pair teams, and sense of ownership

“My work and decisions matter.”

Life at Qumulo: Erasure coding, node compatibility, and innovative testing

“Even as a junior member of staff, you can still have a lot of influence. You can still bring real change.”

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