QF2 for AWS

QF2 for AWS is the world's highest performance file storage in the public cloud. QF2 for AWS can be configured to support use cases from active archive to cloud rendering and more. QF2 clusters in AWS have utility pricing that is based on hours of use, capacity and performance. QF2 can be used for free in non-clustered, standalone mode in AWS.

Standalone mode - free tier

  • Standalone QF2 instance with all features enabled
  • Provides 5TB of raw capacity
  • Intended for short-lived workloads and evaluation, with data protection provided by underlying EBS volumes
  • Free. Pay only for underlying AWS infrastructure, including an m4.2xlarge instance. Get the AMI here.

Cluster mode

  • Scalable cluster size-- from 4 to 1000 instances
  • Provides raw capacity per instance starting at 5TB per instance
  • AWS instance types based on use case, for example, m4.2xlarge and m4.16xlarge instances.
  • Intended for performance-critical and long-lived workloads, with QF2 erasure coding for data protection
  • Adding instances scales performance in near-linear fashion
  • Utility pricing for QF2 software based on hours of use, capacity and performance

Example use case 1: High Performance

  • Cluster with four m4.16xlarge EC2 instances
  • Read throughput: 1.8 GB/s
  • Write throughput: 1.3 GB/s

Example use case 2: balanced performance

  • Cluster with four m4.2xlarge EC2 instances
  • Read throughput: 270 MB/s
  • Write throughput: 190 MB/s

Try QF2 in your AWS account with a couple of clicks

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