Introducing Qumulo on Azure as a Service

Industry’s first petabyte-scale cloud file data platform for all your unstructured data in its native file form

Create petabyte scale file data lakes in the cloud with radical simplicity

Qumulo on Azure is the industry’s first petabyte-scale cloud file data platform that helps you manage all your unstructured data in its native file form, with radical simplicity. Qumulo on Azure is built natively on Microsoft Azure and delivered with the simplicity of a managed service. 

You can easily move your on-prem workloads without having to refactor or re-architect your applications and you can scale capacity and performance in a single namespace beyond the existing capacity limits of other file systems. Qumulo on Azure natively integrates Azure services so it’s easy to connect your data. With no infrastructure management needed, Qumulo on Azure helps your overburdened IT staff scale as well.

As the breakthrough leader in enterprise file data management, and 3X Leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Distributed File Systems and Object Storage, Qumulo is uniquely positioned to deliver a successful outcome for your journey to the hybrid cloud.

image showing the UI for qumulo's file data platform

Get real-time visibility into data usage with Qumulo Aware.


Qumulo Perform intelligent caching gives most reads all-flash performance even on hybrid.


Qumulo Secure automatically encrypts your data at rest.


Qumulo Protect uses efficient erasure coding, snapshots, and replication to ensure your data is always safe and backed up.


Automate and build applications with our advanced REST APIs in Qumulo Integrate

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As part of the first 90 days of Qumulo on Azure launch, we invite you to join our early customer program, QaaS Founder Club with:

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  • Special access to engineering team and NDA discussions on Qumulo on Azure roadmap
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Easily manage all your file data with effortless scale to the cloud.


Easily migrate petabyte-scale file workloads without rewriting or refactoring applications.


Create a secure cloud file data lake that scales beyond 100TB  and provides continuous replication, snapshots, and erasure coding. 


Enable users to access and transform billions of files seamlessly from any Windows, Mac, or Linux device with the speed of Qumulo’s predictive caching.


Easily monitor petabytes of data usage and performance, including throughput and latency, for every file and user with real-time file analytics.


Combine Qumulo’s platform with Azure’s AI and Analytics services to build new models, perform data mining, and deep ML.