Media & entertainment

Qumulo is used by M&E companies with demanding workloads and large amounts of files & data.

We proudly partner with major film studios, cutting-edge special effects agencies, and leading TV networks.

Use Cases

High-quality rendering within tight production timelines

Support for fast and efficient VFX workflows

Efficient storage and protection of massive datasets

Delivering live and on-demand content through video streaming services

Post production including color grading, compositing, computer graphics, and motion design

“We chose Qumulo because its software allows us to deliver higher quality visual effects on a shorter timeline, and ensures that we fulfill our promise to our customers.”

Farnia Fekri, Director of Marketing, MARZ

How innovative M&E companies use Qumulo:

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Toronto’s alter ego Turns to Qumulo for Visibility, Control and Insights into File Data
Qumulo’s Modern Storage Platform Tames Monsters, Aliens, Robots and Zombies for MARZ
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With Ever-Expanding Content Libraries and a Need For High Performance File Storage, a Leading Content Creation Company Turns to Qumulo

“We found with Qumulo’s system, we could get the IO requirements we needed for rendering capabilities, and it also provided the large-volume storage to handle very large projects that we need to keep online and ready for when the artists require different shots or elements.”

Tyler Dalzell, Head of IT, alter ego

Award-winning VFX studio FuseFX selected Qumulo’s hybrid cloud file storage on AWS to meet the fast-paced deadlines of Amazon Video’s top-rated television comedy, The Tick, and other projects.

FuseFX’s journey to the hybrid cloud with Qumulo

Visual effects studio FuseFX has many large VFX rendering jobs that must meet the tight deadlines which characterize episodic television. The amount of power and heat that a render farm generates and the infrastructure needed to carry it is massive. 

The studio knew AWS could provide the elastic compute resources that the company needed to support its workflows and fast-paced deadlines. FuseFX also identified that they needed a modern, distributed file system that could meet the high performance compute requirements of their workloads within AWS. 

Once it’s synchronized to the Qumulo cluster in AWS, rendering can occur both locally and in the cloud at the same time. A local machine can, for example, pick up the first frame and a cloud node can pick up the second frame.

The flexibility to use the cloud both for large-scale rendering and for storage helped FuseFX keep their commitments, accelerate production, and reduce the risk of downtime which can occur with on-prem render farms. “Qumulo is at the foundation of our AWS storage solution. Without it, we wouldn’t be able to expand to the capacity that we have,” said Jason Fotter, co-founder and CTO at FuseFX.

“Using Qumulo’s analytics and the API, we can get a forecast of where our storage is going to be. Previously, when we had to forecast our storage, there was no easy way to quickly assess what we needed. Now, when we talk about expanding our storage, I can bring actual numbers.”

Jason Burnard, IT Director, Guru Studio

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