There’s a Better Way

Legacy storage uses decades old file system technologies that just don’t cut it for modern businesses. We believe file storage should allow you to manage file sets numbering in the billions of files, in any operating environment, anywhere in the world.

What we believe

More and more of our lives are spent producing, consuming, and analyzing digital content. Ever more of our creations, discoveries, and experiences come from, and take the form of, data.

Through the very act of living, year by year, we are relentlessly creating exponentially more data. And we never, ever, throw anything away. Today’s enterprise storage systems can’t keep up with storing all this data – let alone with managing it.

To support our digital existence, the future’s storage will be software that works on standard hardware and the cloud to provide a scalable, fast and global data storage system.

That system will cease to be a passive, ever-growing vault for unused, forgotten files. Instead, it will become an intelligent collaborator in the storage, retrieval, management and curation of massive amounts of valuable data.

That system is Qumulo File Fabric and it is here today.

What is Qumulo File Fabric?


What we do

We build products that are always on, that never lose data, and that store and retrieve data fast

Enterprises have long suffered from the constraints imposed by outdated ways of storing and managing data at scale. Qumulo removes these constraints, giving customers the freedom to obtain real-time answers about their data and storage at incredible scale.We achieve this by aiming to become the company the world trusts to store, manage, and curate its data forever.Because our customers are our magnetic field, everything that we build is driven by their challenges, and designed around their needs.To meet the obligations of our customers we embrace the scientific method and agile methodologies. We do the hard, right thing and through innovative technology, we make storage simple for businesses.

Our mission & vision

Our mission is to be the company the world trusts to store, manage, and curate its data forever

We’re engineers, builders, craftsmen and artists. We are customer driven and we love to create. At our headquarters in Seattle we’ve assembled a team that is committed to developing the world’s first universally scalable storage system and to redefining the role of storage altogether. Through practical expertise in distributed systems infrastructure, agile software development methodology and world-class user experience design, we work tirelessly to create a product that customers need and want. Whatever their role, each Qumulo employee combines an uncompromising data-driven mindset with an unwavering focus on serving our customers to the fullest.

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