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We’re building the most advanced file storage system in the world

At Qumulo, we believe that file-based data becomes transformative when it gives people the freedom to collaborate, to innovate, and to create. Our goal is to open up possibilities for our customers. We use Agile and other collaborative practices to quickly deliver the features customers need to release the next great movie, or make the next medical breakthrough. At Qumulo, file storage at universal scale is our vision and our passion.

“I get home every day with more energy than when I left. That’s what working at Qumulo is like.”

Michaela Hutfles – Agile Coach


Qumulo offers a comprehensive benefits package.

Work and life

Everyone needs time away from work. We expect our employees to take a minimum of two weeks vacation each year and offer unlimited PTO for every employee. Additionally, we observe eight paid holidays per year.

Qumulo offers 401(k) and Roth 401(k) options to help employees prepare for their future.

Qumulons can either expense up to $100 per month toward parking expenses or elect to receive a company-issued Orca card.

Health and family

Health insurance is 100% covered by Qumulo for eligible employees and we cover 92% for dependents premiums. This includes medical, dental, and vision as well as 100% coverage on long-term and short-term disability.

Qumulo offers a group life plan as well as a Healthcare FSA & Dependent Care FSA option. Qumulo parental leave provides new mothers three months of paid leave from the company, in conjunction with our short-term disability plan.

For new fathers, Qumulo grants up to 30 days of company paid leave. We also pay registration fees and some child-care expenses associated with an on-call nanny service.

Tools and amenities

Qumulo pays your dues for the gym that is in the building, which has showers and towel service. We offer an assortment of complimentary fruit, snacks, and beverages, an espresso machine (we’ll give you lessons in shot pulling and latte art) and a panini grill.

Our office provides a comfortable work environment with premium computers, monitors, and other tools of the trade. When you’re ready to take a break, relax with ping-pong, arcade games, shuffleboard, a pool table, and community board games.

“The collaborative environment at Qumulo keeps me engaged and excited to tackle tough engineering challenges.”

Porter Smith – Member of Technical Staff

Hear from the recruiter – How we hire at Qumulo

So you’ve decided you want to work at Qumulo? Watch this video with Senior Recruiter Rick Robertson to find out what we look for in candidates


Across every department, Qumulo teams are multifaceted and adaptable. The people on each team represent a diverse range of strengths and skill sets. Our teams grow and evolve because there is a difference between what people have done and what they can do.

Creativity can show up in unconventional or unexpected ways. We welcome innovation in even the smallest corners of our world and believe there should be a career path for both leaders and individual contributors.


Qumulo’s engineering team uses Agile and other modern software practices such as TDD and XP to build fast, build well and release consistent, incremental improvements to our customers. We have a flexible, collaborative environment and train our engineers to be well-rounded generalists. Our engineering organization is nonhierarchical. Everyone has the power to be an innovator and thought leader. Teams, not managers, choose which projects to work on. Qumulo’s engineering group is led by some of the brightest minds in the industry. Our expertise and our belief that everyone should be able to change, innovate and grow is reflected in the quality of what we build–the most advanced file storage system in the world.


The Qumulo sales team brings our products to untapped markets. Engineering’s Agile development practices mean that every quarter there is a more robust feature set, which in turn opens up new opportunities. Our talented sales teams know the market, are tenacious and can anticipate and articulate customer needs. Qumulo is a unique place. When one person experiences success, everyone experiences success. Our only rivals are the companies that compete with us for market share. At Qumulo, our sales team can focus on what they do best–selling.

Qumulo’s leadership

Each member of the Qumulo leadership team has years of experience in his or her chosen field. Together, they form a multi-disciplinary group of people who are committed to creating a company that is customer focused, believes in fostering the potential of all its employees, and is dedicated to building the world’s most advanced file storage system.

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