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DreamWorks Animation

“Qumulo’s modern code base and architecture, write scalability, and integrated file systems analytics provides great value to our business and further strengthens our relationship with Hewlett Packard Enterprise”

Skottie Miller, Technology Fellow for Engineering and Infrastructure

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Carnegie Science

“Our research organization falls between the cracks for most storage vendors, with giant imaging sets and millions of tiny genetic sequencing scraps. Finding a system that reasonably handled all our complex workflows was difficult, and in the end only QF2 was the right fit.”

Bill Kupiec, IT Manager

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Sinclair Oil

“Qumulo Care is absolutely phenomenal – the best support I’ve seen from any vendor. The team is very proactive, knowledgeable, and really strives to make a personal connection. I even have the cell number for my tech liaison. It’s been a real pleasure to deal with Qumulo.”

Nathan Larsen, Director of IT

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You’ll find QF2 in many exciting places, particularly in data-intensive industries where innovation is the name of the game.

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Marriott Library

“For a critical digital media archive, QF2 is the safest place I can think to put it short of directly in a backup vault. Soon we won’t need anything else but backup, high-speed virtual storage, and QF2. The fact that the QF2 is fast enough to mount and host VMDKs as repositories is a real help with our overall infrastructure.”

Joel Hsia – Assistant Head for Systems Development

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Hyundai MOBIS

“Managing data with QF2 is so simple it’s hard to describe the impact. It has given us tremendous ROI in terms of time saved and problems eliminated, and having that reliable storage we can finally trust makes us eager to use it more broadly throughout the company.”

John Beck – IT Manager

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Crafty Apes

“With critical high-profile projects, you want to know exactly what you’re going to be leaning on for successful delivery. When the La La Land project came around it was make or break, and we were never down for a moment. QF2 is our rock, allowing us to focus on the visual effects with absolute confidence the data is safe.”

Tim LeDoux – Founder/VFX Supervisor

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Go under the hood & see how Qumulo’s advanced technology works.

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“We inevitably get questions about why a given HPC compute node is slow, and it had always been assumed to be the storage. For every other storage system I’ve used, it was nearly impossible to determine the truth. With QF2, I can just pop into the console and say ‘oh, it has nothing to do with the storage, you’re saturating the link on the HPC compute node itself.’”

Paul English – IT Manager, Energy R&D

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Global telecommunications carrier

“When you’re ingesting terabytes of data each day from more than 60 billion incoming events, you need storage capacity and performance that’s very, very scalable. You can’t afford a misfire with the production system.”

High-Level Executive

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QF2 at Scientific Computing and Imaging Institute

Storage I/O bottlenecks were dramatically slowing imaging projects for the University of Utah’s SCI Institute, while lack of insight into data usage hampered effective capacity management. Qumulo’s universal-scale file storage system, QF2, changed all that. With QF2, processing times went from months to days, and its real-time analytics made smarter decisions about data management possible. Instead of a black box, QF2 gave them the insight and control they needed to turn their storage system into a powerful, flexible resource.

VFX studios create movie magic with QF2

Qumulo’s customers use their storage for specialized media & entertainment workflows like: compositing, rendering, animation, simulations, editing, post-production, color correction, VFX and virtual reality

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Regardless of your industry, QF2 gives you the tools needed to store, manage, and access your data in any operating environment