Qumulo unveils disruptive entry level offering for archive file storage

Posted June 19, 2018. Filed under News.

Qumulo unveils disruptive entry level offering for archive file storage

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Qumulo combines their extreme scale-out Qumulo File Fabric software in a dense 1U box with dense 12TB drives powered by a system-on-a-chip, to provide a new lower-cost offering designed to make archives much more accessible to users than has been the case until now.

Seattle-based file storage vendor Qumulo has introduced the Qumulo Active Archive K-Series, a new offering which delivers the company’s QF2 Qumulo File Fabric software in a 1U commodity box. It becomes their entry level product, and with several clear objectives. It is specifically designed for the archive market, to offer nearline performance at archive prices. It also offers the full features of their scale-out software in a less expensive form factor, which they calculate will expand Qumulo’s total addressable market to a new set of customers.

“We have taken the same software that runs our file storage system, and used it to introduce a low-end member of our product family,” said Peter Zaballos, Qumulo’s brand new Chief Marketing Officer. “We think that it pretty fundamentally disrupts the whole idea of archive, by delivering it in a form factor that combines nearline performance and archive pricing. It will give customers much easier access to data that, until now, they have had to keep in a cold archive.”

The idea behind the Archive K-Series is to make archive products much more powerful and able to make better use of innovation in the market for server components by designing a high-end product without the need for expensive custom hardware. It uses high density 12TB drives, and system-on-a-chip performance and economics. The supplier of the box is not identified, other than as a well-known supplier of boxes for hyperscale data centres.


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