2018 Predictions: Opening the Big Data Floodgates

Posted December 19, 2017. Filed under News.

When data comes home to roost, it needs a comfy pad. For years, this job fell to hard disk drives (HDDs), but they’ve gotten a ton of bad press lately, and been labeled obsolete in an age of solid state drives (SSDs). Coming to HDD’s rescue is Peter Godman, the co-founder and CTO of Qumulo.

“SSD won’t be cheaper than HDD. In 2016, every all-flash vendor in the world claimed that SSD was now cheaper than HDD, based on two nonsensical claims that (1) all data is compressible and duplicated and (2) compression and dedupe don’t apply to HDDs. Western Digital’s MAMR announcement makes it clear that the ratio of NAND flash capacity cost to HDD capacity cost will remain close to 10x for years to come.”

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