These Cloud Now Terms and Conditions govern participation in the Offer and supplement the End User Agreement (for Participants using AWS or GCP) or the SaaS Subscription Terms and Conditions (for Participants using Azure) available at

Offer: Collectively, this Cloud Now program and the related private offer accepted by Participant in the applicable marketplace.
Offer Capacity: The mutually agreed capacity of storage made available to Participant under this Offer, not to exceed 1PB.
Offer Period:  The mutually agreed term of Participant’s free trial under this Offer, not to exceed 90 days.
Services: Cloud Q or Qumulo on Azure as a Service, as applicable.

Eligibility.  The Offer is available to Participants seeking a proof of concept for an identified and mutually agreeable use case.  The Offer is not available to existing Services customers.   

Promotion Availability.  The Cloud Now Promotion is open to eligible Participants through September 30, 2022.  It is subject to change or discontinuation by Qumulo at any time.

Free trial of Services.  Subject to these Terms and Conditions, the Offer includes a free trial subscription for the Services in the Offer Capacity during the Offer Period, as well as any necessary compute instances and related storage.  

Credit for Compute and Storage. Qumulo will credit or reimburse Participant for AWS or GCP charges for compute instances and storage incurred in connection with the Offer during the Offer Period.  Charges related to testing or Participant’s cloud usage are excluded.  Participant may be required to provide documentation in support of a request for credit or reimbursement. 

Limitations.  The Offer does not include Services usage, costs, charges, or expenses in excess of $250,000.00 (USD), which will be the sole responsibility of the Participant. The value of the Services will be calculated using the then-current rate for a 1 year subscription.  The value of Participant’s AWS or GCP compute instances and storage will be calculated using the then-current on-demand rates.     

Expiration.  Upon expiration of the Offer Period, any continued usage of the Services under the Cloud Now plan will be billed at the then-current list price on a pay-as-you-go basis. Compute instances and/or storage related to the Services after the expiration of the Offer Period are not eligible for reimbursement or credit.