Logo and boilerplate

Logo usage

Download the official files to use the Qumulo logo in conjunction with our best practices and brand guidelines. All the approved versions of the logo are included.

This is our primary logo. On light backgrounds, use our full-color logo.

On dark backgrounds, use our full-color logo with white text.


Our logo should always have space to breathe. You should always leave a space equal to half the height of the logo on all sides of the logo – at a minimum. Please don’t put stuff inside this purple zone.

Using the logo with colors

Printing one color? Use this simple version.

Its ok to make the logo transparent sometimes. Just make sure there’s enough contrast to see the logo clearly.

On darker colored backgrounds, use our white logo.

Logo Don’ts

Please don’t apply a drop shadow to our logo.

Please don’t change the colors of the Qumulo mark.

Be careful not to stretch or squish the logo. Aspect ratio should remain intact when scaling the logo.

Unless otherwise authorized, we should not display our logo rotated at an angle.

The full color logo is intended to be used only on dark or light sold-color backgrounds. Do not use the full color logo on top of gradient or image backgrounds.

Please do not add taglines or other subtext to our logo.

We love our gradients, but using them in the logo isn’t permitted.

Our mascot has his place, but please do not use the Grumpquat in conjunction with the logo.

Sometimes people are tempted to embellish our logo with trendy reflections. Resist that temptation.

About Qumulo

When describing Qumulo, please use the following description.

Company Boilerplate

Qumulo is the leading file data platform for multi-cloud environments, providing unrivaled freedom, control and real-time visibility for file data at massive scale. Fortune 500 companies, major film studios, and the largest research facilities in the world trust Qumulo to help them innovate with their mission-critical digital files. The Qumulo experience makes file data management simple with continuous new features, a single solution for all workloads, and access to customer success experts on your schedule.