Manage Your File Data at Scale with Increased Compliance and Control with Qumulo’s AWS GovCloud (US)

Federal Agencies AWS GovCloud

Qumulo’s file data platform is available in the AWS Marketplace for AWS GovCloud (US) – a solution for federal agencies to manage unstructured data at scale with compliance and control.

Along with the rapid growth of unstructured file data, federal agencies have unique data challenges as they are also balancing regulatory compliance requirements, mandates to move to the cloud, and strict protocols for data security. To help manage all this, Qumulo for AWS GovCloud (US) provides federal agencies as well as state and local government organizations with the powerful file data platform they need to manage unstructured data securely, at scale, and across clouds – with increased compliance and control.

Qumulo for AWS GovCloud (US) is designed to address specific regulatory and compliance requirements of U.S. government agencies at the federal, state, and local level, as well as contractors, educational institutions, and other U.S. customers that run sensitive workloads in the cloud. AWS GovCloud (US) is an isolated region of the AWS cloud for the public sector and compliant with the most stringent regulations, including FedRAMP, DOD Security Requirements Guide and HIPAA.

Qumulo’s AWS Marketplace listings simplify software procurement for government organizations by allowing the consumption of Qumulo services on any approved AWS contracts and vehicles that customers may already have in place.

How public sector organizations are accelerating innovation with Qumulo

With Qumulo, public sector organizations can leverage both legacy and cloud-native applications and services to accelerate workflows, become more productive, and be more responsive to their constituents. We’ve partnered with a growing number of public sector organizations on a wide range of use cases.

These leading agencies are leveraging Qumulo’s file data platform to scale to billions of files, and tens of petabytes, with a simple and efficient management interface, as well as an API and CLI for automated configuration management.

Qumulo for AWS GovCloud (US) compliments Qumulo Shift for Amazon S3

Qumulo Shift for Amazon S3 enables data-driven workflows by making it simple to replicate unstructured data at scale on Amazon Simple Storage Service or Amazon S3. The Qumulo Shift data service is built right into the Qumulo file data platform, providing a way to move data in its native file format onto Amazon S3.

This means customers can copy file data from the Qumulo file platform (running in a private cloud or public cloud) to Amazon S3 object – enabling data access to the full suite of cloud-native applications, such as machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) services.

The result? Customers can now get the best of both worlds – using high-performance file where it fits best, and data-in-object when needed. Qumulo Shift for Amazon S3 brings the power of data and application innovation, and effective collaboration for devOps to organizations with sensitive data via AWS GovCloud (US).

Interested in learning more? If you deal with highly regulated and sensitive data, visit our Qumulo for AWS GovCloud (US) page to learn more — or contact us for a demo. You can also test Qumulo’s file data platform by way of the AWS Marketplace for AWS GovCloud (US).

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