We win as a team: Selling without the hero mentality

Posted October 5, 2017 by Fahad Qureshi — Territory Manager, Mid-Atlantic. Filed under Trends, Company.

Boy was I sweating!! I was shoulder to shoulder with Peter Godman (CTO and co-founder at Qumulo) sitting across from the brass of an important division at a multi-billion dollar Fortune 10 company in February of 2015. Qumulo was still in stealth-mode and we were being hammered with questions about our viability, our vision, our readiness for prime time, and the validity of our product. This was daunting, but I had faith in our mission and our leaders. Faith that, luckily, this customer shared when they took the risk and chose Qumulo. Fast-forward nearly three years and 20 petabytes later, and we more than delivered on the trust this customer put in Qumulo.

How often do you get to sell a truly differentiating technology at startup? How often are the brains behind the company willing to spend time in the field, talking to prospects, customers & partners? How often can you say you’re making storage history? As a member of the Qumulo sales team, I can answer “everyday” to each of these questions.

I’ve spent the last decade working for 3 different startups, and each experience ends up being better and more rewarding than the previous. (I love startups!) And after spending so much time working in this kind of environment, I can say with confidence that Qumulo is the career-defining opportunity of my lifetime.

Qumulo has shown me that true success in sales comes from teamwork. Working as a sales rep at a startup is similar to owning your franchise in an untapped marketplace. You control your destiny! You make the magic happen! However, you can’t do it alone.

I recently attended a Bruno Mars concert, which ranks as my top concert experience ever! This guy is amazing, can play every instrument, he’s a hell of a dancer and a good singer to boot. Bruno may be the name that draws the crowds, but people don't pay $170 a ticket to see some guy singing and dancing at their local dive bar. This production takes the effort of teams of event staff, sound crew, light effects specialists, event planners, choreographers, marketers, and more jobs most of us probably don't even realize exist. All great accomplishments, from enterprise sales to pop concerts take a village to pull off. At Qumulo, even away from our company’s headquarters in Seattle, I always remember that I have an amazing team who can support me throughout the entire sales cycle.

What’s more, it’s a team I’m incredibly proud to work with. I am blessed to have one of the best Systems Engineer in the industry, Steve Noel, as my partner in the region. Together, we have the support of executives, product managers, engineers, customer success managers, finance and operations staff. It is only at a startup like Qumulo that I can feel the thrill of watching Neal Fachan, Chief Scientist and co-founder, dazzle an audience on the whiteboard. Our CEO, Bill Richter, has said from day one that everybody in Qumulo is in sales. It is amazing to have the support of the entire organization behind you to help bring deals to fruition.

Let’s be honest, startups have their share of frustrations. It’s not all sunshine and roses. Sometimes you may feel like you are on an island, but at Qumulo you can always count on your team checking in on you and giving you what you need. We win together, and we lose together.

To succeed in startup sales, you need the entire company behind you, and at Qumulo, I know that I do.

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Fahad Qureshi
Territory Manager, Mid-Atlantic
To succeed in startup sales, you need the entire company behind you, and at Qumulo, I know that I do

Fahad is always looking for ways to help organizations get the right technology at the right price to reach their business goals

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