Take Qumulo for a Joy Ride – No Hardware Required

Test drive Qumulo in hands-on labs

I used to dread proof-of-concept exercises because of how labor-intensive they could be. I can’t count the number of hours spent planning, ordering, racking, deploying, and testing hardware in my career, often burning through 30 hours of prep work for the 30 minutes of hands-on access that I actually needed to determine whether the new platform would work for my company. That’s a 60:1 ratio of prep time to eval time! 

Introducing Qumulo Hands-On Labs: a live demo environment accessible from your own browser

As part of our campaign to radically simplify your unstructured data management services, we’re also simplifying and streamlining the process of test driving a real Qumulo environment. 

Recently, we launched Qumulo Hands-On Labs,  designed with the busy IT stakeholder in mind. We’ve not only virtualized the Qumulo stack, but we’ve made it available online as a live demo from your browser. With Qumulo Hands-On Labs, you can connect to your own sandbox environment within minutes, and see how quickly you can stand up a new Qumulo cluster online.

A guided tour, on your own time

Because Hands-On Labs are virtual and online, there’s no complex, time-consuming process of procuring and installing hardware. You’ll drop right into a pre-staged environment and go through setting up and managing a cluster – new NFS and SMB shares, adding nodes and managing node failures – from your own home or office computer, on your own time. 

In your personal lab session, you’ll have access to your own Qumulo cluster through a virtual desktop, with step-by-step instructions in a sidebar window to guide you through each procedure.

With Qumulo Hands-On Labs, you won’t have to burn through an hour of procurement/deployment/staging for every actual hands-on minute you get with the solution. You can jump right to the 30-minute evaluation phase, and see for yourself whether Qumulo is right for your organization.

Take a joy ride with hands-on labs

The best part? You don’t need to take my word for it. Take a joy ride of your own, to see how radically simple unstructured data services at petabyte scale can be. 

After you submit a demo request, you’ll receive an email with a link to your very own lab environment. Even though your live demo session will be available for several hours, Qumulo is so simple that you’ll be able to walk through the entire lab in less than 30 minutes. 

You’ll have time to explore the environment on your own or demo Qumulo Hands-On Labs to others on your organization’s buying committee. You can even step away from the lab for an hour or so if your day job needs you.

Only the beginning

The Qumulo Hands-On Lab catalog offers just the Qumulo Test Drive lab for now, but you can expect more labs to follow over the next few weeks. The list of labs under development include Qumulo Cloud on AWS and Qumulo Shift for AWS S3.

Check back in this space for updates, or simply subscribe to the Qumulo blog site, because I’ll have more to share as new labs are added to the Hands-On Labs test drive catalog!

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