Storage Innovation with a SaaS Storage Model

Posted November 22, 2016 by Nate Odell — Senior Director, Marketing. Filed under Company.

You know the old model of storage innovation in the industry. A vendor throws together a bunch of features, slogs through months of qualification and testing, and delivers a new monolithic release in 12 to 18-month cycles. But you also know that today’s world operates at a different pace. You see it on your phone, where apps release updates with bug fixes and feature improvements seemingly every day. But you also see it at work, as an increasing number of critical business tools use an agile development and release methodology. It is only natural then, that you should have access to storage innovation in the same way. And the benefits of having a SaaS storage model in your environment goes well beyond getting an updated build every two weeks.

SaaS Storage Model Lets You Buy for Innovation

According to a recent survey by the Society for Information Management, innovation went from the eighth most important consideration for IT purchases in 2014 to the fourth in 2015. IT spending also saw the biggest increase in cloud services, particularly on SaaS. But in storage, this can require upfront investment on integration. It also requires a strategic plan to figure out what data should be moved to the cloud, and when. By using a SaaS storage model in your environment, you don’t have to compromise between current requirements and future needs. You can bring in a solution that works for your environment now, but will also grow with you as storage innovations open new strategic options.

“Pay-As-You-Grow” gives You more with SaaS storage model

Qumulo’s guiding principle is that a major innovation, like providing real-time analytics for stored digital content, will need to evolve over time, and what’s needed is a continuous improvement cycle designed to quickly respond to customer feedback. But like with other SaaS business applications, you shouldn’t have to pay extra when new features or improvements are released. With the SaaS storage model, you can base your budget on subscription licenses, knowing you will get access to all updates that come out within that time. Now, your storage not only aligns to where your IT strategy is going, but how you want to pay for it as well.

Storage innovation is the gift that keeps on giving

Qumulo’s agile development and release methodology allow us to maintain one stable codebase, always in a shippable state that meets enterprise customers’ strict controls over the acceptance of new software releases. Customers can simply upgrade when they choose to. Combining our agile software methodology with a Customer Success team that is in tune with customer needs helps Qumulo be responsive to customer requirements. The feedback that customers provide to Qumulo, via the Customer Success team or otherwise, can and is very often incorporated in the current 2-week sprint. The ability to incorporate feedback and introduce it mid-stream into a software development cycle dramatically shortens the time it takes Qumulo to respond to customer needs and creates more opportunity for storage innovation.

We heard from experts in the storage industry that strategy and intent are some of the important considerations when planning your storage needs. Now, with a SaaS storage model, you can include innovation your purchasing decision. If you would like to talk with Qumulo about your IT strategy, schedule some time now.

Nate Odell
Senior Director, Marketing
Qumulo is a phenomenal experience. From our maniacal focus on customer needs to creating highly differentiated technology, Qumulo is an incredibly dynamic company. I love coming to work every day.

Nate is Sr. Director of Marketing and focused on field marketing, sales enablement, and analyst and public relations.

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