6 Reasons for Hospitals to Enhance Video Surveillance and Security System with Hybrid Cloud File Storage

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Hospitals & healthcare facilities require enterprise-level storage solutions for video surveillance and security systems. Top 6 reasons why.

Video surveillance and security systems are critical tools for hospitals and healthcare organizations to help keep patients, their families, and staff safe and secure, as well as protect medical equipment and property. Hospitals and healthcare organizations face unique challenges when it comes to security. Hospital buildings can be massive in size on their own, and the associated healthcare facilities extending beyond the hospital’s primary building often include medical offices, public health clinics and many other health-related facilities, all with varying levels of security restrictions.

Hospitals and healthcare facilities require enterprise-level data storage solutions for video surveillance and security systems. Depending upon the size of the environment, there might be hundreds or thousands of IP video cameras, each producing massive amounts of content, all day long, that needs to be managed and securely retained. As the quantity and resolution of these devices grow, so does the organization’s data storage capacity requirements.

Why hospitals should enhance VSS with hybrid cloud file storage

In many cases, data storage can be one of the last IT considerations that a healthcare organization makes, as funds more frequently go towards video management systems (VMS), and additional cameras and security devices, first. However, a robust file storage solution, like Qumulo, can be one of the most critical components needed to enhance hospital safety and security systems. Here are the top six reasons why:

1 Simple deployment and proven integration with leading video management software
Upgrading or replacing outdated video surveillance systems can be complex and costly, but this doesn’t have to be the case. Qumulo’s hybrid file software can be deployed in minutes; it fits perfectly in heterogeneous environments and integrates easily with existing network clients. Qumulo’s file system together with leading video management software (VMS) providers such as Genetec™ Security Center, or Milestone Systems XProtect™, creates a proven enterprise solution that healthcare organizations can depend on.

2 Efficient scalability
As healthcare organizations continuously upgrade and expand their safety and security systems, they can benefit from a simple, modular storage solution that can grow incrementally, or expansively, to meet their individual needs. Qumulo’s hybrid file software works with scalable, cost-effective storage architectures that scale across on-prem and/or cloud environments; utilizing clusters of nodes made up of Qumulo hardware, or pre-qualified industry-standard hardware from HPE or Fujitsu. Managing growth is simple. Simply add nodes to the existing infrastructure to increase performance and capacity levels uniformly, when required, with no disruption or downtime. In addition, using a single Qumulo platform, organizations can seamlessly scale to cloud environments, as and when needed, to support future growth.

3 High availability and reliability
To assure high levels of safety and security, it is imperative that healthcare organizations have no interruptions in their data flow, which can result in the loss of video. Qumulo’s file system ensures that healthcare facilities never lose access. Qumulo’s hybrid file software employs reliable, high-availability connections to be distributed across multiple nodes, to avoid client-side interruption. In addition, Qumulo protects all content using erasure coding, which delivers superior levels of availability and security protection, without significant capacity overhead. Data protection is built into Qumulo’s file system, reducing cost and complexity, while ensuring availability and redundancy.

4 Cost-effective and efficient
Today’s healthcare video surveillance deployments are continuously increasing the number of cameras, moving toward higher resolutions, and keeping media assets longer. Budgets can’t always keep up with the rapidly growing data demand; so efficiency is the key to managing costs. Qumulo’s hybrid cloud file storage is built to offer maximum efficiencies in many areas; providing simple linear scalability to grow both performance and capacity to multiple petabytes, along with built-in data protection which allows 100 percent capacity usage (yes, 100 percent!), and real-time analytics, which enables administrators to manage the entire infrastructure more proactively… all driving lower overall TCO.

5 Single software solution to enable cloud storage, collaboration and analysis
Hybrid and public clouds can offer effective options for massive video content storage and collaboration. In addition to storing large amounts of data, as video surveillance is increasingly utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) and analytics capabilities, Qumulo’s hybrid file software can also support fast advanced analytics. Using Qumulo’s single file storage system, healthcare organizations can meet their on-prem file storage needs, and seamlessly scale to cloud environments, as and when needed.

6 Real-time analytics and insight
As mentioned above, today’s video surveillance and security deployments can engage hundreds or thousands of devices, installed across large geographical areas. These devices can generate very large amounts of video files. Qumulo provides built-in real-time analytics, which not only gives administrators actionable insights to identify storage usage and capacity trends to better plan for future requirements, it also provides insights on how the storage, video surveillance management software, and cameras are working together, to quickly and easily identify and address any issues.

Qumulo’s hybrid file storage is purpose-built to meet the demanding, data-intensive video surveillance workloads of healthcare systems; delivering a cost-effective, future-proof file storage solution to store, manage and access massive amounts of data from thousands of surveillance and security devices.

Qumulo file storage integrated with leading video surveillance management software providers, like Milestone Systems and Genetec, delivers a complete solution.

Find out more, download our solution brief on Qumulo for Video Surveillance and find out more about Qumulo’s file storage offerings for the healthcare industry.

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