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Posted March 16, 2016 by Nate Odell — Senior Director, Marketing. Filed under Company.

Simplicity is defined as the quality or condition of being easy to understand or do.

At Qumulo, we couldn’t agree more. Whether you are talking about our Installation & Configuration; Managing a Qumulo Cluster; Expanding Capacity/Performance; Troubleshooting Problems or running a “Lean IT” organization, simplicity and ease-of-use are of paramount importance and are things we are always focused on delivering for our customers. When we talk about Installation & Configuration, we are referring to the ability to install and configure a Qumulo cluster in less than 60 minutes. Also, once the system is racked and cabled, a Qumulo cluster can be created in six clicks. Don’t just take our word for it, see what our customers have to say about how easy it is to setup and configure our systems:

And, I do mean ‘quickly’ deployed. I don’t think the Qumulo engineer was here for even an hour. We just popped in some IP addresses and off it went; the deployment was so quick and painless it shaved off weeks of fiddling that comes with traditional storage systems.
Nathan Larsen, Director of IT
Sinclair Oil

With regards to Managing a Qumulo Cluster, it couldn’t be easier. We provide a simple, intuitive web user interface (UI) that is very easy to understand and manage. Through the UI, admins can gain powerful insights into the clusters data through Qumulo Core’s real-time analytics of cluster capacity and performance. Everyday tasks like creating a new SMB or NFS share are intuitive and fast. Gone are the days of complex storage administration that require pages of user manuals and days or weeks of specialized training.

“It is amazing how easy this is to use. There’s just one panel to check, a click of a button or two, typing in a name, and that’s it. I was very impressed with that. And from the first presentation, I had a sense that Qumulo puts the customer first, and I have not been disappointed. I have honestly never experienced anything like it.”
Thai Do, Director of Technology
Blind Studios

Expanding Capacity/Performance on a Qumulo cluster is another great example of our simplicity and ease-of-use. Simply rack the node next to an existing Qumulo cluster, plug in the Ethernet and power and turn it on. The cluster will recognize the new node and the UI will issue a prompt to “Add Node”. With a single click, the new node is joined in less than 60 seconds to the cluster and the background process starts to automagically redistribute the data across all nodes in the cluster.

“Other vendors claim to ‘scale up’ storage, but there’s a fundamental difference with Qumulo: the ability to linearly scale capacity and performance at the same time. Every time I add a node, I’m adding network bandwidth and I/O operations, not just a tray of disks, and that’s critical for us.”
Nick Rathke, Assistant Director, Information Technology
SCI Institute

Troubleshooting Problems on a Qumulo cluster couldn’t be easier to do with the simple, easy to understand UI. Whether it is through the Dashboard, Integrated Analytics, Capacity or Performance screens, users can easily view a summary of their cluster’s data or drill-down to quickly identify and diagnose what’s going on with their cluster. Our online cloud-based monitoring tool provides a second level of monitoring to help troubleshoot the overall health of a cluster. With this real-time data, our Customer Success Managers (CSM’s) can proactively contact customers to assist in any necessary troubleshooting.

“The analytics deliver fantastic business value for us. It allows us to be proactive, generating reports that show when data thresholds are being hit so we can move files around, alleviate burdens on specific nodes, and prevent slowdowns before they even occur. And when we do get troubleshooting calls Qumulo gives us the tools to diagnose and handle it in moments.”
Sam Frankiel, IT Director
Ant Farm

Another benefit of our simplicity and ease-of-use is giving our customers the ability to run “Lean IT” organizations. By this, we mean that after a quick, one-hour training or less, storage admins are able to rack, stack, power-up and manage a Qumulo cluster. We remove the day-to-day storage administration hassles that traditional storage systems require and allow IT to focus on higher-value activities.

“From the moment we installed it, the Qumulo cluster has been rock solid. I spend zero time managing the system, and that’s my metric for good storage: I don’t ever want to see it. I just set up my notifications and monitoring, every now and then do a quick health check, and that’s it. The Qumulo storage just works.”
Jason Navarro, IT Manager
Eight Solutions

While the above descriptions highlight concrete examples of how simplicity and ease-of-use benefits Qumulo customers, this translates into real business value in the following ways:

  • Minimizing IT labor time and operating costs for large scale storage
  • Reducing potential downtime by engineering out complexity
  • Providing simple, predictable scaling of storage capacity & performance to quickly take on new business projects and revenue opportunities

If you’d like to see unmatched simplicity and ease-of-use in enterprise scale-out storage, contact us to [schedule an online demo]

Nate Odell
Senior Director, Marketing
Qumulo is a phenomenal experience. From our maniacal focus on customer needs to creating highly differentiated technology, Qumulo is an incredibly dynamic company. I love coming to work every day.

Nate is Sr. Director of Marketing and focused on field marketing, sales enablement, and analyst and public relations.

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