Qumulons giving back for the holidays

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Since 2016, Qumulo has been participating in United Way’s Adopt-a-Family program by purchasing gifts for the families of children in need at Pike Market Child Care and Preschool in Seattle.

During this recent holiday season, Qumulons from nearly every team participated in our gift drive. We had 14 teams sponsor 17 families, including team members from sales operations, finance, accounting, legal, inside sales, marketing, recruiting, HR, customer success, engineering, product operations, and facilities. Even our remote Qumulons participated!

“Thanks so much to Team Qumulo for sharing and helping these families right in our Seattle neighborhood. I was totally floored when I saw all the gifts in the staging area and also loved seeing all the teams work together for a common cause of helping people in need,” said Bill Richter, CEO.


We were able to provide gifts for 25 children in total, with ages ranging from two months to 16 years.

“For me, the most important impact of programs like these is that the families get what they need,” said Greg Wyckoff of the web team.

Plus we had a fantastic time at several gift wrapping parties, and loading up our Qumulo “sleigh” to deliver the presents!

“We’re looking at setting up opportunities for employees to donate throughout the year. We often think about people in need during the holidays. but it’s so easy for donations to slip the rest of the year even though the need is still there. We want to help Qumulons help their communities throughout the year,” said Robyn Singh, VP of People.

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