The Qumulo Storage Shopping Checklist

Posted March 28, 2018 by Bryan Flynn — Marketing Coordinator. Filed under Trends.

The Qumulo Storage Shopping Checklist

Earlier this year, our VP of Product Management Ben Gitenstein wrote a blog post he called "An Elephant in the Data Center". In that post, he told us some things you can ask a storage vendor that will help lower the lifetime costs of your array. The tips he gave were so good that we decided to put them together in a handy checklist.

Take a look through the checklist below, then download your own copy for the next time you're in the storage shopping process. Ben also gave a 20 minute talk on how to get the best price on your next storage array. Keep scrolling to watch his webinar.

Webinar: 4 Questions for a better price on your next storage array

Want a little more information about how to frame a conversation with your storage vendor? Watch Ben's short presentation (20 minutes) for more details on how to figure out the true capacity, management and environmental costs of your storage.

Bryan Flynn
Marketing Coordinator
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