Last week, we were delighted to learn that Garter named Qumulo as a visionary in its Magic Quadrant for Distributed File Systems and Object Storage. While we aren’t the only new vendors to join the party, we are the only vendor debuting in the visionary quadrant. Gartner’s complete report gives a great overview of this emergent but already important category of storage. According to the report, Gartner estimates that, by 2021, more than 80% of enterprise data will be stored in distributed storage systems both on premise and in the cloud. That is more than double the amount currently stored in such systems. You can see the full Magic Quadrant below, and download the report here.

Entering the Magic Quadrant as a Visionary

Gartner designates vendors as “visionary” if they deliver innovative products that address important end-user problems. Qumulo does precisely this. With Qumulo, customers can store and manage massive amounts of file data both on premise and in the public cloud. Qumulo’s scalability, both in terms of performance and capacity, means that it can easily handle ever-growing amounts of unstructured data. Its real-time analytics give customers the insight they need to not just store their data but to manage it effectively, no matter how large their file system.

To write their report, Gartner analysts spoke with more than 2000 of their clients and interviewed a number of existing Qumulo customers. Many of those same customers had already added their thoughts to Gartner Peer Insights, where as of October 25th 2017, has an overall rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars in the Distributed File Systems and Object Storage market, based on 25 reviews. Here are just a few of the highlights:

“Ready for prime-time, Qumulo is set to take on big data” — Senior Technology Consultant in the Communications Industry

“Qumulo is already a leader in technology and still rising” — Director of Architecture in the Services


 Next-gen storage paired with world class support!” — Information Systems Manager in the Education Industry

“Customers have relentlessly searched for a modern, innovative, enterprise-class file storage solution that is built for the future while also meeting today’s demanding workloads. For too long they have been forced to buy expensive legacy storage systems designed for yesterday,” said our CEO Bill Richter. “With Qumulo, the search is finally over and the visionary positioning in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant is a testament to that. Qumulo provides a solution that offers complete freedom — freedom to store, manage and access globally distributed sets of file data with ease and at extreme scale in the data center and in the public cloud. This is a right that all customers deserve, but one that no other vendor has been able to offer to date.”

There is a shift in the requirements of enterprise storage that legacy vendors simply are not architected to handle. Storing billions of files efficiently, whether they are large or small, or deploying a file system across the data center and the public cloud are no longer “nice to have” features. Modern businesses now require them, but they are held back by the slow pace of innovation of their legacy storage vendors.

As Gartner recognized in the latest Magic Quadrant, enterprise storage is being disrupted, and Qumulo has the vision to lead the way.

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