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Posted November 15, 2016 by Joel Groen — Senior Product Manager. Filed under Company.

Qumulo was founded as a software company with the fundamental belief that commodity hardware paired with state-of-the-art software provides customers great flexibility and value.

When we launched Qumulo Core last year it was supported by only one commodity hardware platform – the one we built ourselves. As we continue our march toward Qumulo Core software running everywhere (appliances, cloud, virtual machines, etc.) we continue to look for opportunities to pair Qumulo Core with partners who will bring the most value to our customers. For that reason, our announcement to join forces with HPE makes this a huge win for our customers.

Since the beginning, our sales teams have been asked by customers for the option of running Qumulo Core on HPE servers. We frequently speak to customers who only run HPE servers and hardware in their data center. Standardization on HPE hardware is part of their business strategy. This announcement is the result of working closely with HPE to find and develop a partnership that gave us access to all of the global benefits of working with HPE while maintaining the flexibility we need to ensure the platforms we support are in line with the requirements our customers have for scale, performance, and data integrity.


HPE Hardware and Qumulo Core Deliver Flexibility and Value:

  • Quality – HPE is viewed as one of the world’s premium providers of hardware. More importantly, our partnership with HPE allows us to work with them to select each component in the bill of materials, so we have confidence that the components (in particular the drives) provide the highest functionality and performance.
  • Flexibility – HPE has a huge line of product offerings. As we expand our relationship with HPE over time we’ll be able to exactly match customer needs with the right size, density and performance of hardware.
  • Scale – HPE’s international sales, distribution and support infrastructure is going to be invaluable as we grow. We talk to multinational customers today who require local support for offices scattered around the globe. HPE makes it easy for Qumulo to say yes to these requests.
  • Support – HPE offers a wide range of support. Many of our customers already buy and deploy HPE hardware for their business. They have come to rely on specific support models provided by HPE, and the V-OEM program allows us to extend the support option of their choice to the hardware running Qumulo Core.

As we continue to grow as a software company we’re excited to have an industry leader like HPE as a hardware partner. If you would like to learn more about Qumulo Core, set up some time to talk with our storage professionals.

Joel Groen
Senior Product Manager
Qumulo is truly defining a new category of enterprise storage, and being able to be a part of the team that is building that is very exciting

Joel Groen is a seasoned Product Manager at Qumulo with over 15 years of experience building enterprise, cloud, and mobile technology products. At Qumulo, he is focused on driving technical alignments within the storage industry to help companies grow into petabyte scale infrastructures.

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