Qumulo Core 2.0 Capacity Trends Overview

Posted April 12, 2016.

That little fuel gauge on your car’s dashboard is critical. Do I need to fill up today? Do I have enough gas to get across town? Without that gauge, you’d soon be hitchhiking with a gas can.

On your storage system, information about your capacity consumption is equally critical. Do I have enough storage to start a new project? When will I run out of storage? Is my business going to grind to a halt because there’s no space left?

To answer these questions, you need data. Not only do you need to know your current capacity consumption, but you also need to know how it’s changing over time.

Qumulo Core’s Capacity Trends graph shows your consumption over 72-hours, 30-days, or 52-weeks. You can also pull this data from the API to build and save your own views of the capacity consumption.


All cars have a fuel gauge. Some cars can tell you more about your gas consumption. Maybe they tell you average MPG or how many miles you can go to empty. But that’s simple stuff. Imagine if your car could tell you that when driving with your golf clubs the trunk uses 4% more gas. Or that your teenage son used 1.3 gallons of gas at 2:30 am yesterday.

Likewise, every storage product can tell you something about your capacity consumption. You need more than that, however, to be able to truly manage your data.

For example let’s say you left work on Friday and the storage was 50% full. When you come in on Monday, the storage is 90% full. What the heck happened? Did a scientist write a script that generated a ton of data? Or did an intern upload his entire music collection?

With Capacity Trends, you can click on one of the bars in the graph and see the most significant capacity changes by path, both additions and deletions, during that time period. Now you know what data changed.


All storage systems can tell you something about your storage, but only Qumulo Core gives you real-time analytics to tell you about your data.

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