Qumulo and Milestone Join Forces on the Case for Video Surveillance and Security

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Today, Qumulo announced that Qumulo file storage is now a Milestone Verified solution. The Qumulo and Milestone partnership is flourishing with multiple joint installations, and Qumulo now available on the Milestone Marketplace.

Surveillance cameras seem to be everywhere – in hospital corridors, scientific facilities and laboratories, schools, sports venues, concert arenas, and of course, the city streets. There are even cameras on trains, buses, and law enforcement vehicles.

In far too many cases, the video resolution from these cameras is often too low to work with, or, if you take the example of a convenience store, investigators may find that the video has already been written over. But many times, detectives and other security personnel can identify their person of interest through high-resolution video footage…and our story begins.

Managing the growth of video surveillance data

Many of our customers benefit from using Qumulo hybrid cloud file storage to manage the continuous growth of their video surveillance data. In addition to storing and protecting petabytes of large and small files created by hundreds or thousands of high-resolution surveillance devices, Qumulo provides unified access to surveillance data so that the footage can be examined and analyzed efficiently, where and when it’s needed. Real-life crime fighters from local, state and federal government organizations are using this data to prevent and solve crimes on a daily basis.

Qumulo has several customers that work in law enforcement. In addition to utilizing video surveillance data produced from other organizations to solve cases, they are creating their own video data stores through the introduction of vehicle dashboards and body cameras. Data is then offloaded from these cameras daily, and uploaded to internal data repositories for secure long-term storage.

Television crime dramas don’t usually show us the technical and storage-related challenges that go with managing video surveillance data. Organizations are continuously increasing the number of cameras, upgrading to higher resolutions (to better identify suspects) and keeping media assets longer (in order to be available when crimes are investigated, which could be days or weeks later). Businesses want to keep storage costs down, even as more and more capacity is required to store data.

Modern scale out NAS solves VSS data management issues

Qumulo is able to to the rescue here with its simple to manage, scale-out NAS architecture that easily integrates with many popular video management software solutions such as Milestone. Our solution provides cost effective, fail-proof data protection with the use of erasure coding, which secures data with minimal storage overhead, unlike legacy systems. Customers have simple, centralized access to all of their data from anywhere and, with the use of Qumulo’s cloud-based analytics, administrators can instantly identify throughput and IOPS hotspots, as well as the most active clients and paths, while also accessing accurate reports on usable storage – all to ensure optimal efficiencies.

With Qumulo on the case, we can all help do a better job catching the bad guys! Contact us to find out more. Or give Qumulo a try.

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