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Meet a new Qumulon! Berat Ulualan, Systems Engineer

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By Berat Ulualan

Q: Where are you based?
A: Istanbul, Turkey

Q: How did you find out about Qumulo?
A: My colleague Filiz Turkoglu and I had worked together previously at Dell EMC in different business units, and always joked about how well we worked together. After she joined Qumulo, she shared the open job position here with me. After some research about the company, I knew I wanted to be a Qumulon!

Q: What made you want to work here?
A: I loved the technology and the people at Qumulo.

When I heard our CEO Bill Richter announce my name as a new member of the Qumulo family, I felt right away that I had made the right decision by joining this company. Many others shared their warm welcomes to me personally. After Bill’s announcement, I received a big, warm welcome from the entire Qumulo family.

Qumulo describes itself as the leader in “hybrid cloud file storage.” We provide file storage solutions for on-prem or public cloud, or hybrid cloud infrastructures. But another interesting discovery for me is how we use cloud-based applications within Qumulo. I can say I’ve never worked for a company quite like Qumulo at this point. We use many SaaS-based tools and applications here, and they increase our efficiency, collaboration, agility, and visibility.

For example, I’ve just finished my first week here. Everything was ready for me when I joined the company in terms of my new-hire set-up. I was able to quickly start using the tools and applications, search through the company’s internal resources, and begin my new hire training.

Q: Where did you work previously?
A: I was working as an Enterprise Architect at Dell Technologies. Before that, I spent a long time with other technology vendors such as IBM, Lenovo, SUSE, and VCE.

Q: What are you passionate about (either at work, or in your personal life)?
A: My family always comes first, and I see my colleagues as extended members of my family too!

Q: If you could have one superpower, what would it be?
A: If I could, I would read super, super fast and speak many languages.

Q: Anything else you’d like to add?
A: I would like to say thanks to everyone that participated during my hiring process.

In my role, I’ll be covering a large geographic area – it’s a lot of responsibility. However, I’m confident that we will be successful because of the team here at Qumulo. Everyone here is eager to dive in and help – all of my questions were answered within five minutes!

During my hiring process, I read many documents and checked every resource I could find about Qumulo’s products and solutions, and their unique values for our customers. Everyone I met with – including Filiz, our VP and General Manager of EMEA Thore Rabe, and our Technical Director of EMEA Stefan Radtke – told me I would be joining a great company and a great team, and that we would have a lot of fun. I can say just in my first week I’ve found so much more than that.

If you’re reading this post and thinking of joining Qumulo, please don’t wait – check out the vacancies on our career pages immediately! And if you happen to become a part of this incredible company, please don’t forget to say hi to me on your first day!

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