Qumulo Core 2.6: Featuring The World’s First Machine Intelligent Quotas and Industry Leading High Density Hardware Platform

Posted February 6, 2017 by Bryan Flynn — Marketing Coordinator. Filed under Company.

Today is an exciting day at Qumulo. That is because we are announcing both the release of Qumulo Core 2.6 with machine intelligent quotas and a new high-density platform, the QC360. We are always looking for more and better ways to help our customers bring their storage into the modern era. We do this on a regular basis with our bi-weekly updates to Qumulo Core. And when we release an especially notable new feature, we mark the occasion with a new version number.

With the release of Qumulo Core 2.6, we continue to offer more options to store and manage your data in the way that makes the most business sense for your organization. We are beginning to live in a world dominated by unstructured data, and these data sets require a modern storage solution. “Unstructured, file-based data is the crown jewel of the modern day enterprise and petabyte scale data storage is the new normal,” said Bill Richter, our CEO at Qumulo. “Legacy scale-out NAS systems were not built to store and manage data at this scale. Qumulo Core, with machine intelligence built into the file system, ushers in a new platform to store, access and manage file-based data at web-scale in on-premises data centers and the public cloud.”

But without further ado, let’s look at what is so exciting about Qumulo Core 2.6.

Machine Intelligent Quotas

With Qumulo’s machine intelligent quotas, you can now take a modern approach to data capacity management. Greatly improved flexibility and real-time enforcement of quota policies will let you allocate storage resources without the compromises associated with legacy-storage systems. Qumulo quotas are built directly into the file system, so they can leverage the machine intelligence already in Qumulo Core to manage rogue applications and users, and enable better-informed provisioning decisions.

Key Features of Qumulo’s Machine Intelligent Quotas:

  1. Native Quotas – Native quotas are storage quotas that were built into the file system. They are always up-to-date and in-sync with the file system. The benefits of this approach include a dramatic reduction in storage administration time and freedom to move preexisting data and directories between quota domains as needed without being shackled to a quota taxonomy associated with legacy storage systems.
  2. Intelligent Quotas – Intelligent quotas means every quota is a policy that executes a set of real-time queries. Unlike traditional systems that require tree-walking of the entire directory structure, which can take days to complete, intelligent quotas can be immediately enforced. The benefits of this approach include real-time diagnosis and enforcement of rogue applications and users, along with real-time visibility showing how the storage is allocated at any point-in-time.

QC360 – High Density Scale-Out Storage for Web-Scale IT

When making storage purchase decisions, you might feel like you are being forced to make a choice between performance, capacity and cost. The new Qumulo QC360 changes that by providing a scale-out storage system designed for modern web-scale IT environments. With the QC360, customers can achieve maximum capacity and cooling efficiency of their data centers, while also achieving tier-one storage performance.

“We chose Qumulo for the company’s strong reputation, the flexibility and performance of the storage system, and their superb customer service,” said Clark Gaylord, chief information officer at the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute (VTTI). “Qumulo’s ability to integrate NFS and SMB will be essential to our research workflow, supporting computational scratch and high performance data ingestion and analysis pipelines, while effectively and securely delivering research data to researchers. Qumulo’s support of IPv6 gives us critical strategic technology for integrating our secure data enclave and scalable computational systems. The technology’s unique data-aware approach gives us real-time data visibility, providing key insight to our computational pipeline. We are excited to expand our existing Qumulo footprint with the new QC360 platform, which gives a strong price-performance combination.”


Qumulo Core for the Modern Era

This latest release adds to the list of ways you can enter the modern era of storage with Qumulo Core. You can now move your data around however you choose with machine intelligent quotas, or get Tier 1 performance and availability at active-archive pricing with the QC360. And that is on top of the innovations of previous builds. By giving organizations the tools they need, they are able to overcome modern challenges of managing rapid unstructured data growth. To find out how Qumulo Core is solving real-world challenges, download this report. Or, contact us directly to schedule a personalized demonstration of Qumulo Core.

Bryan Flynn
Marketing Coordinator
It is exciting to see how many different industries are using Qumulo. From animation to genomic research, Qumulo is at the forefront of innovation

As a Marketing Coordinator, Bryan is responsible for Qumulo's blog and social channels.

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