Machine Data Ushers in a New Era of Data

Posted July 29, 2016. Filed under Company, Trends.

Welcome to the Era of Machine Data, where an estimated 1 trillion sensors are embedded in a nearly limitless landscape of networked sources, from health monitoring devices to municipal water supplies.

Data’s first era was a transaction-oriented world of back-office databases and once-a-day batch processing. Its second era was human-centric — the huge digital trails left by Internet and smart phone users. The Era of Machine Data is all about information generated by machines. And this data’s volume, variety and velocity are like nothing the world has seen.

Getting to the Era of Machine Data

In a recent article, we discuss the dynamics of the Three Eras of Data and the rate at which data is being multiplied by each consecutive age:

  • Business Process Data Era – Database generated data

  • Human Data Era – Enterprise content and external source generated data

  • Machine Data Era – sensor generated complex data

The era of machine data holds tremendous promise and opportunity across a broad range of industries, but only for those that have the ability to gain insight at scale. We created this eBook to help you understand what you can do to prepare your storage for this new age of data.

To learn more about The Era of Machine Data and how you can take advantage of this promise and opportunity, click here to read the article.


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