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Qumulo Certified K-432T: Active Archive Performance at Massive Scale

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At Qumulo, we continue to expand our file data platform portfolio to offer customers greater flexibility and freedom to build their unstructured data lakes with the capabilities they need from the best-of-breed technology options. And today we are excited to unveil the Qumulo Certified K-432T, a new active archive platform for Qumulo Server Q immediately available from Arrow Electronics, Inc.

The cutting-edge K-432T system provides Qumulo customers with high-density archives that deliver consistent active archive performance at massive scale. Not only will it allow administrators to manage more data within a single cluster, it will help reduce operational overhead while improving the data access experiences for users.

Qumulo Certified K-432T makes archive data actively available

As file data continues to grow exponentially, organizations are struggling to manage this valuable asset with the resources they have. Meanwhile, long-term data retention requirements in industries from financial services to healthcare and beyond are seeing their data footprints grow year after year, due in part to content retained to meet compliance requirements.

With the K-432T, customers can manage massive amounts of long-term archive data with consistent performance for regular use, eliminating the need for off-line cold storage such as tape, cloud archive, and lower performance legacy storage systems. Built with 24 18TB hard drives per node, the largest available on the market, the K-432T is the highest density and highest capacity archive platform that Qumulo has certified to date, capable of clusters of over 34PB.

Customers report slow data retrieval performance as a common problem with legacy archive storage hardware. But when it comes time to retrieve the data, long directory tree crawls and slow access performance makes data access too slow for regular use.

The K-432T provides consistent throughput of 1GB/s/node for clients making data access fast and suitable for many common use cases. Qumulo Core software defined storage running on the K-432T further enhances performance through the use of B-Trees which limit the time consuming directory crawls performed by legacy file storage systems during read and write operations. These innovations together provide superior performance at a competitive price to legacy archive storage.

Capitalizing on active archiving

According to the Active Archive Alliance’s 2021 Report, organizations today are working to capitalize on active archiving’s lower cost, AI-driven analytics and cybersecurity to regain lost revenue and improve competitive advantage. The K-432T solution addresses these concerns and more. Its ability to scale to over 34 PB yields lower upfront costs as well as power, networking, and data center space, providing an even better total cost of ownership (TCO) for customers.

“Managing data with Qumulo is so simple it’s hard to describe the impact. It has given us tremendous ROI in terms of time saved and problems eliminated, and having that reliable storage we can finally trust makes us eager to use it more broadly throughout the company,” said John Beck, IT manager at Hyundai MOBIS.

Understanding the K-432T solution

Creating a K-432T leverages the 2U NVMe hybrid system to create a cost-compelling active archive for large capacity deployments (3PB and greater). This provides higher scale and lower costs (More capacity per node + less nodes to manage and network)

The system uses:

  • 24 x 18TB HDDs (432TB of raw capacity)
  • 6 x 1.6TB NVMe SSDs (9.6 TB of SSD)
  • 2 x 25GbE network ports

This system provides Qumulo customers high-density archives delivering consistent active archive performance at massive scale. This solution starts at 1 PB and can scale to over 34 PB. This lowers costs in both upfront costs as well as power, networking, and datacenter space providing an even better TCO for customers.

Efficiency in design not only reduces cost of components such as networking ports. It also results in lower administrative overhead. With fewer network ports administrators can reduce time spent on network configuration and management.

The K-432T also leverages standard sized chassis as opposed to deep chassis often found in legacy archive storage. This eliminates the need for deep racks and special space accommodations in a datacenter.

As with all Qumulo solutions, it is truly simple to manage with an industry-leading customer experience and access to all the usable capacity independent of file size.

K-432T: Lowers cost and increases scale with freedom of choice for active archive workloads above 3PB

Qumulo customers can achieve previously unreachable scale at the lowest cost for active archives with the K-432T. These storage server nodes offer 432TB of capacity using the latest HDD technology. This density results in a price per TB suitable for long term archive and backup storage.

Customers are able to experience freedom of choice by adding K-432T storage servers to existing clusters consisting of active archive class 2U storage servers. In this way, customers can make the most of their investment protection while leveraging the innovations in the K-432T and the lower price per TB.

To learn more about how the Qumulo Certified K-432T can simplify your largest unstructured data storage use cases, contact us today.

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