Joining Qumulo: An Opportunity For Transformation

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It’s not often a company like Qumulo finds itself at the intersection of major industry trends that are transforming the IT sector, and has the opportunity to define a new industry category. That is exactly the type of transformation that got me excited to join the Qumulo team after a long and wonderful journey at Tableau. It’s thrilling to join a new company at this time. Let me explain.

  • The impact of the Covid pandemic is challenging us to transform and adapt not only how we work, but how we lead and communicate.
  • The storage industry is changing too with new vendors, new smart technologies like AI and ML, the accelerating digital transformation, and a growing need to manage unstructured data in the cloud.
  • Our customers are changing too. They are using big data in new ways to create new applications and solutions, and “big data” is not only reserved for big corporations anymore. Many small organizations have huge compute-intensive workloads with file data like video and images that need to be managed.
  • And finally, Qumulo as a company is also facing a transformation as we evolve our products, grow global operations, scale our ability to market, and serve customers globally.

If you are passionate about driving transformation, check out the career pages for opportunities at Qumulo.

Qumulo is at a tipping point for transformation

File data is at the core of how people work and create, and organizations across every industry are producing massive volumes of file data. But our current transformation isn’t driven just by rising data volumes, but rather by new workflows and shifts in how and where today’s employees are conducting business.

Qumulo is helping our customers as they embrace digital transformation. Most of the technology in the data space has been dedicated to helping organizations with transactional and structured data, yet the real challenge companies face is managing the exponential growth of unstructured data like videos, images, and text files. That is where our file data platform comes in. We have the most advanced solution available for storing, managing, and accessing file data across private and public clouds and with multiple protocols. This makes it easier for organizations to use that file data to create new services and applications that ultimately transform their industries. Qumulo customers are creating autonomous cars, helping people purchase their homes, enjoy movies, and even managing the pandemic response with file data.

I’m incredibly excited to help our company scale its ability to serve companies. In my short time here, I have witnessed first-hand the honesty and no-hold-back service mentality Qumulons have with customers – they say so themselves by giving us sustained top satisfaction scores! Qumulo’s excellent reputation speaks to the experience of the founders and leadership team, the technology that our team creates, and the unrivaled commitment (some might say fanatical obsession!) we have to our customers’ success.

Building a company with people we’re proud to know

It was important to me to join a values-driven company of authentic and passionate people. One of Qumulo’s values is that “we build a team of people we are proud to know,” and that means a lot to me. Achieving results is certainly job priority number one for any business, but humanity and personal connection are also important. Now more than ever, the lines between our personal and professional lives are blurring. Leaders need to have empathy and treat our team members as humans first, by understanding their circumstances, and providing them with a forum to be themselves. We all need that.

Here’s a fantastic example of that empathetic approach to connection at Qumulo. During my first conversation with our CEO Bill Richter, I discovered he was extremely fluent in Spanish, and we spoke for over an hour in Spanish together. He was so fluent, in fact, I had to request that he switch back to English for much of the business-focused content because even I, a native speaker, had difficulty keeping terms focused in my head. This gesture meant so much to me – it showed that Bill, like the whole team here at Qumulo, wanted to make a genuine connection with me.

As a Latina woman working in tech, I take pride in my heritage and not-so-common journey because I see how it can help others and change the tone of the conversation. I feel the weight of responsibility to ensure we open up more opportunities for women and underrepresented minorities. And having the chance to be part of the leadership team of a company like Qumulo is the perfect opportunity for me to help others and advocate for diversity and inclusiveness.

And finally, a little thing that won me over. I fell in love with the company’s mascot, the Grumpquat. The fact that he’s grumpy is what got me – he always wants Qumulo to be achieving and creating more, going the extra mile, doing the hard, right thing for our customers and for ourselves, and he’s not satisfied until that’s happening.I can certainly relate to the little guy and I know that those builders and dreamers out there can too. We’re never satisfied! We can always get better!

There’s so much to be excited for in 2020 and beyond! Qumulo is growing fast and we are looking for new Qumulons to join our team. Check out our open positions and what it’s like to work at Qumulo on our careers page.

I look forward to the journey ahead with all of you.

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