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Meet the Highest Density All-NVMe File Solution for Hyperactive Workloads

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For organizations that require the highest density in their data center, now there’s HPE’s new all-NVMe node, purpose built for Qumulo’s hybrid cloud file system, delivering impressive scalability, unmatched file density, and lower TCO. 

Once again, Qumulo and Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) have collaborated on a hybrid cloud file storage solution, this time offering the highest  density all-NVMe file node on the market for hyperactive data workloads in a compact 1U form factor. 

We’re excited to debut the HPE ProLiant DL325 Gen10 Plus 291TB All-NVMe Node, purpose built for Qumulo. 

Highest Density: 23% higher than competitive solutions and radically simple to manage

Combining Qumulo’s award-winning file data management software with HPE innovation using the latest AMD and NVMe technologies, the new 291TB offering delivers 23% higher density than competitive solutions.

“Having the ability to store more data than ever before in a space that is smaller than ever before gives customers the ability to consolidate complex storage systems, choose radical simplicity over legacy complexity, all while lowering TCO,” said Ben Gitenstein, Vice President of Product at Qumulo.  

This new configuration greatly reduces management overhead with more data stored in a smaller, compact hardware footprint, scaling from 675TB to over 22PBs in a single file system. As a result, enterprises such as hospitals with high-density images like 3D X-rays, that produce petabytes of file data and put increased demands on their organization’s file storage system, can now easily manage that data at a lower TCO.

According to Nathan Conwell, Senior Platform Engineer at Vexcel Imaging, the world leader in developing and manufacturing high-end cameras for large-format digital aerial photography, “Storage is critical to our business, which is basically a massive fire hose of data. We could not do our work without a high performance, high-density, scalable storage solution of some kind.” 

Store more data than ever before in a smaller space at the highest density and a lower cost 

The new highest density HPE 291TB solution makes it easier to combat operational costs and data center sprawl. Healthcare enterprises, for instance, can easily store and manage the equivalent of 25 billion genetic sequencing images or roughly 450 billion medical picture archiving and communication system (PACS) images in the space of a single 42U server rack, to deliver patient care faster and more cost-efficiently than ever before. 

“As the world’s most important organizations create and store more data than ever before,” said Gitenstein, “Qumulo is focused on providing customers radically simple solutions to store and manage that growing set of data. Together with HPE, we can do exactly that.” 

“Qumulo on the 291TB All-NVMe Node from HPE is playing a crucial role in simplifying the data management for demanding petabyte scale workloads – such as video surveillance, autonomous vehicle data, or post-production visual effects for Hollywood’s biggest film studios – in the data center by reducing the physical storage equipment and resource consumption,” said Patrick Osborne, Vice President, Big Data and Collaboration Group, HPE Storage.

“Data center space costs are rising, and oftentimes, more space isn’t available at any reasonable price,” said Osborne. “The 291TB offering solves this problem.”

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