With the recent introduction of NVMe with HPE and Qumulo, I thought catching up on things would be a good idea. Joining me on this podcast, ATSB #281, is Ben Gitenstein, Vice President of Products and Solutions at Qumulo.

A brief introduction

This was supposed to be my last blog post of 2020 but I was deep into the holiday spirit and didn’t publish it. Oops! It was my podcast in 2020, and I did NOT forget to publish it. In the podcast, we’ll look at HPE and Qumulo. I did a podcast and demo with Qumulo last year that if you didn’t see it or don’t remember it, you should check it out.

Here’s what Ben and I discussed:

00:00 – 02:45 Introduction, HPE and Qumulo relationship
02:45 – 05:10 Ideal file workloads with Qumulo and with which HPE Servers, introducing NVMe.
05:10 – 08:35 Why NVMe for file services: what kinds of customers and workloads
08:35 – 11:20 What did you have to do within Qumulo to support NVMe?
11:20 – 14:00 How does Qumulo fit within a hybrid cloud focus?
14:00 – 16:25 How do HPE GreenLake and Qumulo come together?
16:25 – 21:00 Why did Qumulo focus on real-time visibility and why is it important?
21:00 – 23:45 What else is important to know about Qumulo? (Hint: Quality software and APIs)
23:45 – 27:15 What are Qumulo and HPE doing that make our customers really happy?
27:15 – 28:10 Wrap-up

Listen to the podcast with Ben here or you can also download to listen to later.

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(Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on HPE’s Community Blog on Jan. 4, 2021)