Introducing "Get Off My Couch!", a new Qumulo video series

Posted January 4, 2018 by Joel Groen — Senior Product Manager. Filed under Comp.

Who doesn’t love a good story?

We certainly do at Qumulo, and our unique approach to helping our customers solve today’s storage challenges is a story worth telling. But like any good story, the Qumulo story is one that consists of many parts. There is the way we organize our engineering teams, which allows every person at Qumulo to work on the projects they’re most interested in. We could also talk about how teamwork is central to our sales strategy, or how we make our customers wildy successful. That left us with two challenges: First, how can we tell the entire story of Qumulo when there are so many interconnected parts? Second, who should tell our story?

To tackle the first challenge, we took a page from our customers in media and entertainment, many of whom have played a big role in the golden age of television. We figured the best way to talk about all the things that make Qumulo what it is would be to make our own show. And who better to tell the Qumulo story than the people that live and breathe it everyday. So with that, we arrived at our new video series, “Get Off My Couch!”


The idea behind the series is simple. Each episode we talk with someone that is part of the Qumulo family who has a unique perspective about their work, and what it means for customers solving today’s most pressing storage challenges.. Let’s take a look at some of the people we have already talked to.

Lindsie Winthrop on Slack for Customer Success

Slack is an amazing tool on a daily basis. Our customer base can ping us, message us directly, ask questions, and find out when the latest upgrade is coming out. They're not waiting in a phone queue. They're not waiting hours upon hours to get a response or get acknowledged. They're messaging our team via the customer channel or their own private Slack channel to ask those questions to get help when they need it.”

Watch the full interview here

Rick Robertson on what we look for in new hires

“When you're in hyper-growth, you don't get to dictate your culture. When you're growing a company like this, you're hiring your culture. And so, you have to make sure people are going to fit in with what you're trying to do and how you're trying to do it. So, it's something that we build in to the interview process at the earliest stages, to try to find people who are gonna be able to exist and thrive in our culture.”

Watch the full interview here

Dominique Elkind on why UX matters for enterprise storage

“A lot of companies have realized that design can be a differentiator in the product. It can be the reason why customers love one product over another product. We want customers to have a really good experience. Our goal is to make QF2 easy, intuitive and delightful. We want to be a delightful point in their day and actually have them excited about their job, because they're using software and tools that they love and that they're passionate about.”

Watch the full interview here

To build a storage system the world trusts to store, manage and curate its data forever is no easy task. It is something that takes the hardwork of our employees and the support of our partners and customers. We created this series so you can get to know those people, and why they’re motivated to change the storage market forever.

Be sure to check back regularly for new episodes of “Get Off My Couch!”, or subscribe to our YouTube channel to catch episodes as soon as they are released.

Joel Groen
Senior Product Manager
Qumulo is truly defining a new category of enterprise storage, and being able to be a part of the team that is building that is very exciting

Joel Groen is a seasoned Product Manager at Qumulo with over 15 years of experience building enterprise, cloud, and mobile technology products. At Qumulo, he is focused on driving technical alignments within the storage industry to help companies grow into petabyte scale infrastructures.

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