The start of a new year is a busy time for those of us in recruiting, as January and February are typically some of the most popular hiring months. This is particularly true for a fast-growing unicorn company like Qumulo, and we’re actively on the hunt for new candidates to join our team!

If you’re considering an engineering career at Qumulo, these blogs can help prepare you to get a sense of what our hiring process is like, what makes our company culture unique, and how our corporate values actually impact engineers in their day-to-day jobs.

Qumulo Engineering Careers: What to Expect in an Interview

You’ve landed a job interview at Qumulo. So now what?

This blog from Qumulo Senior Technical Recruiter Rick Robertson explains what engineering candidates can expect on an interviewing loop. Qumulo’s interviewing framework helps us assess each candidates’ technical and leadership skills. The framework also focuses on enabling each candidate to show off their best qualities and learn a lot about Qumulo, our culture, our product and a lot more.

Actions Speak Louder Than Words: Qumulo’s Values Are Tangible

Tali Magidson is a member of Qumulo’s technical staff and developed this blog post when she was a relatively new employee with the goal of determining whether Qumulo’s company values and mission described in the interview process really did translate into reality.

She conducted an audit with a team of “fresh-eyed and bushy tailed recent engineering new hires” at Qumulo, who share their experiences both professionally and personally as part of our engineering team. You can read about how Qumulo’s values affect the way that Tali and her teammates build Qumulo’s product, and how they collaborate and work together.

Watch this video featuring Tali to hear her perspective on data protection, pair teams, a sense of ownership, and how “her work and decisions” matter at Qumulo.

12 Things We Look For When Hiring Engineers

As a rapidly growing startup, attracting and retaining the right talent is critical to our success. Primarily, we’re looking for two things — technical and leadership attributes — a combination that we’ve found to be key to a successful career at Qumulo.

This blog outlines 12 of those attributes – ranging from algorithmic thinking, code organization and clarify, and a testing mindset, to the ability to collaborate, problem solve and be adaptable.

Watch this video to learn more about our onboarding process for new employees.

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