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Posted September 19, 2017 by Bill Richter — President & CEO. Filed under Company, Trends.

Qumulo is making history and radically re-shaping the storage industry with two major announcements today.

First, we’re launching Qumulo File Fabric (QF2), the world’s first universal-scale file storage system.

QF2 is a modern, highly scalable file storage system, creating a single file system built to run in the data center and the public cloud. It’s the only solution that provides customers with the freedom to store, manage and access their file-based data in any operating environment, at petabyte and global scale. QF2 also has the capacity to scale to billions of files, as well as a cost that’s one third of legacy storage appliances. And it’s the highest performance file storage system on premises and in the cloud.

The second piece of news from Qumulo is that we’re launching QF2 on Amazon Web Services (AWS), available immediately.

Today’s announcements bring to market the next frontier in storage systems. But these breakthroughs didn’t magically materialize overnight. Indeed, we’ve been working on this pioneering vision at Qumulo for nearly six years, ever since our start in 2012. The crisis in legacy file storage was beginning to reach its tipping point back then, and our founding team took stock of the industry by speaking with more than 600 customers to understand the new IT infrastructure advancements they needed in order to drive innovation in their businesses.

In a word, customers told us they wanted freedom -- freedom from expensive, restrictive and outdated legacy storage appliances based on proprietary hardware; freedom from customer support models that would embarrass the DMV; freedom from storage systems that couldn’t scale; freedom from the difficult work that intelligent systems could do on their behalf; and freedom to take advantage of the wonderful and hugely expansive capabilities offered by the cloud.

We assured these enterprises that we’d help set them free with a truly innovative and holistic storage solution. We created a vision and then got to work to solve their problems. And now, with QF2, we’ve delivered. This is one of the reasons why hundreds of customers have already adopted our unrivaled storage system for mission-critical file-based workloads.

Legacy storage vendors have really let their customers down. Instead of helping them take advantage of the incredible innovation the public cloud has to offer, they simply “cloud wash” the same old product set, which benefits the vendor’s business model, not customers’ business needs. At best, they tend to treat the cloud as if it’s a dumb disk drive or tape backup destination.

The bottom line is that the traditional storage industry keeps standing in the way of customer progress and success.

My colleague and friend, Qumulo Founder and CTO Peter Godman, puts it more bluntly:

Data storage vendors tell you that the cloud is an opportunity, but their actions show that the cloud is really a threat to them. They either ‘cloud wash’ their proprietary hardware solutions (which, in reality, are completely locked into the legacy data center), or they just treat the cloud as a digital dumpster for their customers’ least valuable data. Businesses have been left stranded by legacy solutions without any real options to move and share file-based workloads between the data center and the cloud. We built Qumulo to change this
Peter Godman
Co-founder and CTO

Qumulo and universal-scale file storage is already helping data-intensive industries, such as life sciences and media and entertainment, to work with globally distributed data sets across time zones and locations, and to scale to billions of files. With QF2, these modern enterprises can now leverage the cloud for new economies of scale and have access to advanced technologies like GPU arrays, machine learning, microservices and serverless computing.

This is what enterprise customers asked us for on Day 1. And this is the bold and unique vision Qumulo developed.

We’re deeply grateful for the encouragement and support so many customers have given us over the past few years as we’ve worked to transform the storage industry, and we welcome all the new customers who are now poised to join us in this long-awaited and much-needed revolution.

Bill Richter
President & CEO
Qumulo is on a mission to liberate customers from antiquated file storage systems sold by vendors stuck in the past. Everyday, we help our customers scale, save time and money and get to the cloud. We're in the customer delight business. As simple as that sounds, we didn't come up with the concept. We just listened to what customers wanted.

Bill Richter is President & CEO of Qumulo, where he brings over 20 years of leadership experience to his role. Prior to Qumulo, Bill was a Venture Partner at Madrona, where he invested in and advised emerging businesses across multiple categories. Before joining Madrona, Bill was President of the Isilon Storage Division of EMC, where he grew the business to $1.5 billion in annual revenue in 2014. After Isilon, Bill served as COO of EMC’s $4 billion Midrange Storage business. Bill holds a BA in Business Administration from the Foster School of Business at the University of Washington.

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