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Manage High-Performance File Data Workloads with Simplicity

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This blog post first ran in November 2020.

Qumulo and HPE have a long-standing and successful global partnership. Since 2017, we have worked together to offer the world’s leading file data platform to more than 55 countries worldwide. We recently expanded our offerings to provide unmatched simplicity and performance for file data workloads. Our solution offers customers the latest file data services in the Qumulo file data platform and the performance of NVMe leveraged in the latest technologies of the HPE DL325 Gen10 Plus.

A different experience: The days of depending on HDD or even SATA SSD speeds for all-flash are over

People working in data-intensive industries such as research computing environments in universities, or media and entertainment studios with multiple active projects, are struggling with unpredictable user and application performance. With HPE, the days of depending upon HDD and/or SATA SSD speeds for file data workloads are over. Qumulo and HPE offer solutions for industries ranging from healthcare, media and entertainment, research computing, and the public sector where all your file data workloads run on the most responsive and latest generation of flash – Gen4 NVMe SSD. 

As the cost of NVMe has come down, these NVMe SSDs – which are five times faster in terms of throughput than legacy SATA/SAS based SSDs – make it possible to continue working on the next major Hollywood blockbuster, or medical breakthrough, without waiting for your storage to respond.

With storage speed bottlenecks out of the way, and capacity delivered cost effectively, you can focus on what brings you to work every day.

How Qumulo and HPE are changing the game for file data at scale 

By combining Qumulo’s NVMe-optimized data platform software with powerful innovation in HPE Proliant servers, Qumulo and HPE are uniquely able to deliver this new experience.

Qumulo and HPE are providing a simpler way to deploy file data workloads at scale with high performance and security. Qumulo Secure enables simple encryption-at-rest with All-NVMe performance. This combination, along with the industry’s proven best customer support experience, brings a modern file solution that can change the way organizations work, collaborate, and innovate. 

Performance on the latest hardware

By taking advantage of the latest HPE hardware and Qumulo’s NVMe-optimized file data platform, Qumulo and HPE can deliver even faster access to file data than before. While the HPE Apollo Gen10 performance using SSDs and HDDs is already fast, this All-NVMe flash system delivers:

  • 30% faster response time (lower latency)
  • 150% higher IOPs
  • 50% higher throughput for both reads and writes
  • 100% of data is on NVMe SSDs

When we combine HPE and Qumulo’s file data platform, it results in a very different experience for customers that are working to deliver great results with file data. This solution is running on the HPE Proliant line that many data centers have set as their server standard.

The three key reasons the HPE Proliant DL325 Gen10 Plus was selected for the HPE All-NVMe file data platform are:

  1. Density: 1U server provides up to 19 data drives
  2. Efficiency: A single AMD CPU provides enough lanes and performances to run the network (4 x 100GbE) and all-NVMe drives at full PCIe Gen4 speed, while consuming less power and requiring less cooling in your datacenter.
  3. Deployability: At just 32.5in deep, these can be deployed in any standard rack

When we combine all these things, customers get a system that costs less to run, is simple to manage and deploy, and delivers the performance to keep end users and applications productive.

Enabling choice with flexible consumption options

Together, HPE and Qumulo provide the best All-NVMe flash file options around the world. Even better, our joint customers have the option to take advantage of HPE GreenLake to provide more flexible consumption options. Many customers use HPE GreenLake for file data to handle the challenges of data gravity, security, and compliance while providing a unified management view that works across private, public, and hybrid clouds.

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