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Manage your file data at scale with unrivaled freedom, control
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File data is the engine for creating the future

File data is at the core of how people work and create.

And organizations across every industry are producing massive volumes of file data. But the explosion of files and data volume has resulted in management nightmares and orphaned data and applications on-prem.

The need to manage this type of data at scale with freedom across clouds – as well as unlock AI and IoT applications and services – is accelerating now more than ever.

The power of the file data platform

Qumulo can help. Our unique ability to move that data from on-prem data centers to the public cloud and back helps you accelerate workflows, become more productive, and transform your business.

Qumulo’s file data platform was designed to solve the challenges that come with managing billions of files. And we’re hitting the accelerator on innovation.

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See how our customers are accelerating innovation in their industries with Qumulo.

Cinesite Studios overcomes technical barriers to meet tight deadlines

Cinesite, a leading digital entertainment studio for special effects in the productions like the Avengers, James Bond movie franchises and The Witcher, uses Qumulo across multiple Amazon Web Services (AWS) Availability Zones to rendering 16K video and produce 4K fully animated, full stereo VFX pipeline meeting tight production deadlines.

IHME powers complex data analytics for pandemic modeling

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, IMHE used Qumulo’s file platform to process data data on-prem and Microsoft Azure for hosting data visualizations. Qumulo’s file system helped IHME analyze up to 20x more data daily, making it possible to ingest incoming raw data faster to create population graph visualizations. This helped non-medical personnel easily visualize data results and take decisive action.

Ellie Mae creates innovation in the mortgage industry

Ellie Mae (Capsilon) helps banks, mortgage companies, and credit unions to store and automate the workflow of mortgage documents. Ellie Mae relies on Qumulo to help manage and store terabytes of file data efficiently, which results in decreased time to complete a mortgage.

Innovate faster with Qumulo.

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