Software Updates Made your Tesla Go Faster. What if that Could Happen to your Storage System?

Do you drive exactly the speed limit? If you’re anything like me, driving the speed limit might as well be walking. But if you were in a Tesla before a recent software update, going into auto-pilot mode forced you to

NAB Show 2017 Highlights from the Qumulo Booth

It is hard to believe that NAB Show 2017 has already come and gone. Our booth was buzzing and we highlighted some big company wins. We shared why companies across the media and en

In the World of Telecom Data, Unlimited Plans Lead to Exabytes (7.2 Per Month in 2016 to be Exact)

This article is drawn from a telecommunications case study, read it in full here. Earlier this month, Cisco released the their Gl

Order From Chaos | Our Software Development Team Structure

This article was originally posted on Medium. Visit Karim's Medium page here. At Qumulo, we build a highly scalable distributed file system. Qumulo’s flagship product — Qumulo Core — is a scale-out distributed file-system.