Telecommunications providers make billions of daily endpoint connections, each generating log data that has to be ingested, processed, and analyzed to identify events or anomalies. These logs represent terabytes of machine data each day.  Qumulo Core answers the call—delivering incredible capacity and performance, with the 100% availability telecom leaders demand.

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    Dial up millions—or billions—of digital assets, with ease

    Qumulo Core’s integrated file system analytics provide accurate, real-time data footprint answers, even at incredible scale. With metadata built directly into the Qumulo Scalable File System (QSFS) as an intrinsic element, storage administrators have unprecedented visibility into their data and storage, and can easily tell which users or workloads are impacting performance and capacity. Qumulo Core provides massive increases in capacity, reliability and performance, with improved data visibility and customer support, all for dramatically lower cost.

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    Rewrite the scalability rulebook

    Handling billions of packets and tens of thousands of IOPS demands extreme performance. Qumulo Core delivers industry-leading scalability—from 4 to over 1,000 nodes in a single cluster and 100 terabytes to over 360 petabytes in a single file system. Want to go even bigger? Qumulo Core scales throughput and capacity linearly to support limitless growth.

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    Instant insights. And performance that always answers the call

    Qumulo Core provides real-time data analytics independent of scale, so you can easily monitor and manage usage, and instantly access insights on enormous capacity-and-performance trends. And Qumulo Core performs flawlessly in even the heaviest production environments, where multiple simultaneous processes and various analytical tools constantly analyze data looking for anomalies or changes.