Commercial HPC Workloads

Enterprises of all sizes now generate enormous volumes of data. They rely on high-performance data processing applications to analyze and derive value from their data flows while requiring storage infrastructure that provides incredible scale and performance. However, understanding what data you have is a persistent problem. Managing enormous numbers of digital assets in a single distributed file-system is a daunting challenge.

Qumulo’s data-aware scale-out NAS is designed for organizations that require an affordable and flexible scale-out storage system to tackle high throughput and parallel read-and-write access patterns. Simultaneously, Qumulo Core provides real-time answers about your ever-expanding data footprint and storage helping you manage billions to trillions of files.

Qumulo Core is optimized to handle high performance and high capacity requirements of commercial HPC workloads such as:

Media & Entertainment
Life Sciences
Oil & Gas
Financial Services
Higher Education
Defense and Civilian Industries