Higher Education

How do you support an active research community generating data at massive scale while also archiving and curating billions of digital files, petabytes in size, for posterity? With a solution designed to adapt to the needs of research and archival departments, while providing advanced cataloging and curating analytics. Qumulo Core gives higher education leadership the power to manage and store billions of digital assets with real-time visibility and control built directly into the file system.

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    Easily manage millions or billions of digital assets

    Research programs. Student data and records. Library archival content. The ability to store, manage, and curate ever-expanding growing libraries of media and other educational content is critical to the mission of higher education. Qumulo Core’s integrated file system analytics provide an accurate real-time data footprint, even at incredible scale. With metadata built directly into the Qumulo Scalable File System (QSFS) as an intrinsic element, storage administrators have unprecedented visibility into their data and storage, and can easily tell which users or workloads are impacting performance and capacity.

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    Fine-tuned for the Widest Range of Workloads and File Sizes

    Transactional or sequential access patterns. Small or large file sizes. Qumulo Core supports them all—within a single file system. Qumulo Core delivers industry-leading scalability—from 4 to over 1,000 nodes in a single cluster and 100 terabytes to over 360 petabytes in a single file system.

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    Active Archiving for Long-term Content Storage

    Qumulo Core architecture was designed to handle data growth and the unique needs of individual academic groups while providing uncompromising protection and availability to ensure always-available access to all data on-campus and elsewhere.

    That’s why Qumulo gives storage administrators the ability to scale infrastructure on-demand, growing their working, archival storage, and scratch environments—no matter how fast or how often needs change. Qumulo Core is software that runs on premise or in the cloud—to support active archiving for the life of the content—without the barriers of proprietary hardware or software.


The Qumulo Core architecture was designed to enable the next frontier of Higher Education archival and scientific data storage available to research projects, faculty, students, and the public.