Higher Education

Higher education is tasked with unique storage needs: support an active research community which generates new data at massive scale while also taking on the burden of archiving and curating billions of digital files, petabytes in size, for posterity. Data storage, which support these specific needs rather than hinder them, is a critical  component of research and knowledge management throughout Higher Education. Qumulo Core – data-aware scale-out NAS – allows education facilities to create a storage architecture that can scale in overall size and quantity of files as needed, adapt to the individual needs of research and archival departments, and provide granular analytics enabling cataloging and curating of all stored data.

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    Scale Storage for Research and Archival Content

    Qumulo’s next generation data-aware scale-out NAS is a software-only solution that runs on commodity hardware to give Higher Education storage administrators the ability to scale storage infrastructure based on data need while avoiding hardware vendor lock-in. Without the barriers of proprietary hardware and software, institutions have control and flexibility of deploying Qumulo Core anywhere – whether on-premise or as a virtual machine – to meet the demanding research and archival needs of Higher Education.

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    Curate Data With Real-Time Usage

    Qumulo Core’s integrated file system analytics allows Higher Education institutions to obtain real-time answers about their data footprint at incredible scale. With metadata built directly into the Qumulo Scalable File System (QSFS) as an intrinsic element, storage administrators have visibility into their data and storage, usage patterns, activity by research group or department, and which users or workloads are impacting performance and capacity. Data can be organized and managed in a way that meets the need of Higher Education without sacrificing the ability to access data instantly.

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    Maximize Price/Performance and Price/Capacity with Flash-First Hybrid Design

    Qumulo Core’s flash-first hybrid design uses flash memory in combination with hard disk drives to create a scale-out NAS solution that balances performance, capacity and cost. Qumulo Core is able to provide Higher Education institutions with a solution that leverages the value of commodity hardware and is optimized for performance and capacity, a key component when making petabytes of hot, warm, and cold data available to research groups, faculty, students, and the public.

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    Designed for the Widest Range of Workloads and File Sizes

    Qumulo Core provides unmatched support for the widest range of Higher Education workflows. Whether you are dealing with transactional or sequential access patterns and small or large file sizes, Qumulo Core supports them all within a single file system while delivering industry-leading scalability.


The Qumulo Core architecture was designed to enable the next frontier of Higher Education archival and scientific data storage available to research projects, faculty, students, and the public.