The automobile is quickly becoming one of the most technically sophisticated, interconnected platforms on the planet. From entertainment and navigation to driver assistance and crash avoidance, today’s connected cars are in the midst of a technological renaissance.

The one thing these innovations all have in common? Unstructured Data — miles and miles of it. Qumulo Core gives automotive leaders the power to manage and store the billions of digital assets they’re collecting, processing and analyzing every day — with real-time visibility and control built directly into the file system.

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    Manage millions—or billions— of digital assets

    Every sensor and every system on connected cars generates a steady stream of information. The research and development behind future systems requires analysis of massive files and data sets. Dealing with the volume, velocity and variety of all that data demands pinpoint control.  Qumulo Core’s integrated file system analytics provide an accurate real-time data footprint, even at incredible scale. With metadata built directly into the Qumulo Scalable File System (QSFS) as an intrinsic element, storage administrators have unprecedented visibility into their data and storage, and can easily tell which users or workloads are impacting performance and capacity.

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    Accelerating scalability—with incredible efficiency

    Qumulo Core delivers industry-leading scalability—from 4 to over 1,000 nodes in a single cluster and 100 terabytes to over 360 petabytes in a single file system—without creating separate volumes or silos of storage. Stable, speedy rebuild times greatly reduce the level of redundancy needed to achieve target MTDL standards, saving time and money. Even better, Qumulo Core does not require any disk space to be left available for its internal use, so disks can be 100% provisioned for user files. And unlike legacy scale-out NAS, Qumulo Core implements data protection at the block, not file-level, delivering fast, stable rebuild times that reduce the need for redundancy and actually increase levels of efficiency as you scale.

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    Supercharging storage performance

    Storing and managing massive quantities of data can be a massive roadblock for today’s automotive innovators.  Qumulo Core reduces costs with as-needed expandability and budget-friendly commodity hardware, while delivering levels of performance, scalability and simplicity that leave legacy scale-up solutions in the dust.

Qumulo Core Connected Vehicle Data Workflow