• See

    Usage, activity and throughput at any level of the unified directory structure, even with tens of billions files

  • Control

    Capacity quotas can be specified on a per-directory basis and take effect immediately, regardless of cluster size

  • Understand

    Take system snapshots instantly, regardless of the number of files, with no need for third-party tools

  • Scale

    Reach the scale required for modern workloads, without rewriting your applications for object 


    Automate tasks with Qumulo Core’s REST API. Test and debug with the built-in interactive API explorer

SaaS Software Delivery Model

Pay-as-you-go for continual infrastructure software innovation

Easily manage file-based storage at massive scale

Qumulo Core shatters the notion that humans can’t manage file-based storage at massive scale. Qumulo Core makes it simple to manage and control tens of billions of files with scalable throughput at petabyte scale.


Total visibility and control

View usage, activity and throughput instantly, at any level of the unified directory structure, no matter how many files there are in the file system. Qumulo Core gives storage administrators the ability to pinpoint problems quickly and manage usage more effectively than ever before

Incredible efficiency

Unlike legacy scale-out NAS, Qumulo Core protects data at the block, not file-level, delivering the industry’s fastest, most stable rebuild times, reducing the need for redundancy, and actually making you more efficient at scale.  Qumulo Core does not require any disk space to be left available for its internal use, so your disks can be 100% provisioned for user files

Radically reduced costs

Qumulo Core’s advanced software makes use of flexible, fast and highly scalable off-the-shelf hardware, including SSD and HDD, to provide unprecedented cost effectiveness

Straightforward pricing

With a simple annual licensing model, purchasing is clear and straightforward. Qumulo Core is available today as an annual software subscription, with biweekly updates and a customer success program that includes cloud-based monitoring of cluster health by Qumulo support engineers

Qumulo Core Machine Intelligent Quotas

Provides simplified administration and real-time control over storage allocation

Qumulo Core Snapshots

Provides extended enterprise data protection and allows end users to recover quickly from mistakes

Diagnostics Dashboard

Provides a real-time view of your capacity usage, total system IOPS and throughput, and any actionable items

Real-Time Analytics

Provides a real-time graphical system map of the file system and aggregated metadata on your Qumulo cluster

IOPS by Client

Provides a real-time view of the hottest 20 client IP’s on your Qumulo cluster

IOPS by Path

Provides a real-time view of the hottest 20 client application file paths on your Qumulo cluster

IOPS Hot Spots

Provides a real-time view of how the IOPS load is distributed across the file system

Throughput Hot Spots

Real-time view of how the throughput load is distributed across the file system

Cluster Overview

Provides a real-time view of the total raw, usable and available space on your cluster

Capacity Explorer

Provides a real-time view of the top consumers of storage space on your Qumulo cluster

Capacity Trends

Provides intelligently aggregated insights for storage data management and capacity planning