Portable, scalable and complete data-awareness

Qumulo Core is now available on HPE Apollo servers, offering flexibility for enterprise customers that want next-generation scale-out file and object storage software on-premises or private cloud workloads. Built for the highest levels of performance, capacity and efficiency, Qumulo Core on HPE Apollo servers is a future-proof solution for storing and managing hundreds of petabytes and tens of billions of files and objects, providing complete data-awareness of data footprint at extreme scale.

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Ultimate flexibility for data-aware scale-out file and object storage software

The Qumulo QC-Series hybrid storage appliances provides a range of capacities starting from 96TB to over 1PB of raw storage across a mix of 1U and 4U nodes. The Qumulo QC-Series 1U appliances give users a choice between lower-cost entry requirements and higher performance/higher capacity needs. The Qumulo QC-Series 4U appliances give users a choice between cost-optimized requirements and the highest density, lowest cost per GB data-aware scale-out NAS solution. Qumulo Core available on HPE Apollo servers extends flexibility for customers adding a 2U option. With a starting capacity of 180TB raw per node, the HPE Apollo servers provide a denser footprint than existing QC-Series appliances.


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Enterprise data protection with erasure coding and snapshots

Qumulo Core 2.5 delivers snapshots for even greater enterprise data protection and improvements in erasure coding to provide 80% efficiency. With snapshots, customers can create fine-grained policies and take billions of snapshots with easy access via NFS and SMB.

Troubleshooting and data management with Throughput Hotspots


Qumulo Core 2.5 makes it possible for enterprises to understand system throughput through the lens of data. Customers can easily get a graphical representation of the file system layout with indicators of throughput and IOPS heat and an at-a-glance view of capacity and activity, helping system administrators understand how their file storage is being used. Drill down access to see what paths and clients are “hot” in real time provides easy troubleshooting of performance issues. Qumulo Core Throughput Hotspots is a graphical representation of hot paths in the system illuminating the load on the file system to help customers better understand system usage and troubleshoot performance issues.

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