Our Mid-Year Review: A look back at the first half of 2017

Posted JULY 14, 2017 by Nate Odell. Filed under Development, Releases.

It’s hard to believe that we are already half way through the year. Even though the new year is usually the time for reflection, we here at Qumulo like to take stock of everything we have accomplished so far this year. Once we started looking back, we realized this has been the busiest, most exciting, and most rewarding year in Qumulo’s history (and we’re only half way done!). With that in mind, we thought we would share some of our favorite moments from the year so far.


Qumulo Core 2.6 introduces Machine Intelligent Quotas and new high-density platform

Unlike traditional storage vendors, Qumulo releases with a new build of Qumulo Core every two weeks that is available for customers. Each build brings an better Qumulo experience. Certain builds also bring important new features and platforms, which was the case when we announced the release of Qumulo Core 2.6

What was so special about 2.6? Machine Intelligent Quotas and the QC360 high-density platform. With Matching Intelligent Quotas, storage administrators can take a modern approach to data capacity management. “Intelligent quotas” mean every quota is a policy that executes a set of real-time queries. Unlike traditional systems that require tree-walking the entire directory structure, intelligent quotas can be immediately enforced.

Qumulo is a software company. But as we all know, software needs to run on something. To give our customers choice in how they run storage, we offer appliances built entirely from commodity hardware. This year, we expanded that offering by releasing the QC360 series. With this, customers can achieve maximum capacity and cooling efficiency of their data centers, while also achieving tier-one performance.

We announced $30 million in funding as we continue to grow

Late last year and early this year we welcomed a number of new members to our executive team. That growth reflects the company-wide growth experienced company wide, which further reflects the rising demand for modern scale-out storage in the market. To help in our continued mission to help the world store and manage their data at scale forever, we welcomed new investors Northern Light Venture Capitol and other strategic investors. Our Prime C funding also came with participation from exiting investors such as KPCB and Madrona Venture Group.

“We are seeing a massive explosion in digital file data worldwide,” said Feng Deng, Founding Managing Director of Northern Light Venture Capitol. “Qumulo addresses the challenge of unstructured data growth and management that incumbents have found impossible to solve.”


We went to NAB, Bio-IT World, HPE Discover, and more

Another measure of growth this year has been our frequent flyer miles! Already this year we traveled to Las Vegas twice, once for NAB Show and again for HPE Discover. We also went to Boston for Bio-IT World and hosted numerous local events across the United States and Canada.

Qumulo partners with HPE and announces DreamWorks Animation as customer

As we mentioned earlier, one of our goals is to give storage administrators the choice to run their file system on the hardware platform that best fits into their data center. Part of this is offering our commodity hardware appliances. As of this year, customers also have the option to run Qumulo Core on an appliance from HPE.

DreamWorks Animation is one of the companies taking advantage of this partnership. The studio was facing significant challenges with their existing systems such as not being able to scale to their capacity needs and issues with write performance for large numbers of small files. DreamWorks upgraded their architecture to HPE Apollo servers and Qumulo Core, and the impact was immediate:

“Our film creation process requires an exceptional amount of digital manufacturing, and file-based data is one of the core assets of our business,” said Skottie Miller, Technology Fellow for Engineering and Infrastructure at DreamWorks. “HPE and Qumulo deliver the next generation of scale-out storage that meets our demanding requirements.”

Other first half highlights

It is good to look back at the big moments that have made the first half of the year so exciting. But in between these highlights were a number of other announcements that should also get a mention:

  • Many life sciences organizations turned to Qumulo for their modern scale-out storage needs. Some include John Hopkins Genomics, Georgia Cancer Center at Augusta, and Progenity.
  • In addition to helping life sciences organizations discover faster, several media and entertainment studios leveraged Qumulo Core for their projects, including the 2D compositing work done by Crafty Apes for the film La La Land.
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